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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E73: Capital Raising and Active Investing with Taylor Loht
Sep 21, 2022 28 min

Episode Description

Taylor Loht shares his unique approach to compliance and capital raising, which is essential for those investing or syndicating in real estate today. Taylor's story highlights the importance of passive income over active income, and his focus on syndication as a means to invest in larger properties drives towards this strategy. In this conversation, Taylor discusses the process of becoming licensed and the various credentials that are needed to do so. Once licensed, the licensed professional states that there are continuing education requirements and rules around how securities can be marketed. Additionally, they mention that if a partner wishes to come into a partnership with a licensed professional, they must first get approval from their broker-dealer.

[00:00 - 06:19] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Taylor to the show

  • Brief background and career

  • Transitioning from a career in engineering to real estate

[06:20 - 12:34] The Capital Side: How to be a Successful Real Estate Investor

  • Passive vs. Active Income

  • How being properly credentialed in the securities world is important for those looking to raise money

  • The two main strategies for raising capital

  • Getting a securities license
    Starting a fund of funds

  • Taylor talks about the importance of playing by the rules and being legal and compliant with regulations

[12:35 - 22:51] How to Get Licensed as a Securities Broker

  • Finding a sponsor who can help you complete the process

  • The three exams you need to pass are the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), Series 63, and Series 82

  • You must also undergo continuing education to stay up to date on securities laws

  • The broker-dealer must approve every syndication a customer chooses, and there is a vetting process for each deal

[22:52 - 28:06] Closing Segment

  • Get to know more about Taylor through the Quattro Trio!

  • See the links below to connect with Taylor

  • Final words


“It’s not about protecting me. It’s about protecting the passive investors and making sure we’re compliant.” - Taylor Loht

“Your network and your connections in this business are huge.” - Taylor Loht

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