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Amplifying Wealth. Amplifying Life.

Meet the Partners

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Maurice Philogene

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Chad Sutton

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Kim Wendland

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I. People

As with most of life, residential real estate investing is a team sport. And so, we partner with like-minded advisers, brokers, lenders, property managers and investors who have hundreds of millions of dollars of experience. Working with a strong team, we make sure our projects benefit everyone involved. We are looking for people who share a similar vision and outcome.


At Quattro Capital people come first.

Row of Houses

II. Property

While multifamily apartment complexes, mobile home parks and the like are excellent investments, we understand these are people's homes. These properties are spaces where couples bring home new babies; where single and married moms and dads raise their children; where families make meals and eat together; and where kids play and learn. These homes are where singles and seniors find a safe, quality, affordable place to work and live in community. In all reality, these apartment homes are where the essence of life happens.  

At Quattro Capital our properties are homes.

Financial Report

III. Profits


Residential real estate investing provides a path to financial freedom and wealth. Strong returns are made through a powerful financial combination of cash flow over time, forced and natural appreciation, and tax depreciation which culminate into sale proceeds. 

At Quattro Capital investments lead to wealth and freedom.

Women Holding Hands

IV. Philanthropy


Investing is just the beginning. What makes Quattro Capital unique is we are driven to help make the world a better place. A portion of our team's profits are given to help make a difference in people's lives. We also serve by thoughtfully and intentionally partnering with non-profit organizations in the markets where we invest. 

At Quattro Capital we are inspired by giving back.

What is Quattro Capital?


Quattro Capital is an investment firm focused on residential multifamily real estate such as apartment complexes, mobile home parks and the like that yield strong returns for our investors. Investing in real estate purposefully is the tool that helps more people achieve wealth and the freedom to live life well.

Our high-performance team is seasoned and accomplished with a combination of 20 years in real estate and over 95 years of professional experience in over 9 industries spanning the top Global Fortune 50, public service in education, state health, military and police, as well as medical and entrepreneurship.

The Quattro Capital investment criteria is designed to both reduce risk and achieve strong returns. Our market analysis spans the nation to find the specific cities and neighborhoods with the most profitable real estate investment prospects. We then target properties that are well maintained but cosmetically in need and under performing. These value add properties located in emerging and stable markets are value add investments that yield reliable returns throughout the life of the investment as well as added tax benefits.

We have a strict "no slum lord policy" because we believe that people deserve a quality, safe place to live. We consider the people living in our apartments with high regard and serve them with respect, kindness and humility. We also take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and consider investor's trust an honor which must be cared for with attention, diligence and priority.

Quattro Capital is based on four core pillars. It begins with people and for people. A team of people then collaborate around a property which yields profits, some of which are used in philanthropy.

People ~ Property ~ Profit ~ Philanthropy

In the Classroom


​Investors, partners, industry pros and even tenants say they enjoy working with us. Maybe it's because they sense our genuine respect and interest in their goals and dreams. Maybe it's the passion and energy we bring to every situation. Maybe it's our relentless perseverance to overcome obstacles and keep our commitments. Whatever they are experiencing, we've decided to call it The Quattro Way.

When you invest with us, we make sure everyone wins -- investors, residents, industry pros and alliance partners. And because we win, the more we make the more we give back.

Why don't we get together and explore whether The Quattro Way is the right fit for you?

What is the Quattro Way?