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Super Power: Financial Freedom

"With power to create 48 hours in a day."

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Maurice Philogene

Lt. Colonel & Federal Agent Retired

IT Services Executive

Real Estate Investor


Super Power: Financial Freedom Guru

"We are meant to live, not just exist."

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It was never about money.


The Basic Story


When I graduated from University of Virginia, I had a nagging urge not to be stuck in an office for life. I self-studied ‘Financial Freedom’ which, to me, meant ‘Time Wealth’ and the ability to live life where and how I wanted. But how to get it? Enter the formula Freedom = Time + Mobility (Thank you Tim Ferris). I learned you could generate time with passive income -- cash flow shows up without the 9-5 office grind. Mobility meant not doing things or taking on expenses that locked me into one location and using systems to operate one’s personal and business life anywhere in the world. I wanted to zig zag the globe and immerse in culture – a deep passion of mine. When I was hired by my first, and only, company, I quickly learned chasing corporate titles meant nothing to me; ‘LIFE’ and helping people did. I didn’t want to compete, I wanted to create.


Enter real estate in 2003 at age 23. My first year I purchased 10 properties by reading books at the local library. By 2014, I earned my freedom because I was creating more passive income than my corporate salary. No more relying on any person or thing to live. Continued personal growth, a legacy for family and impacting people was next.  This led to multi-family real estate in 2015 and a burning desire to help people escape ‘the matrix’ faster than I did using single family. 


Now I’ve got this superpower – an ability to help folks make a game plan on how to escape the rat race leveraging real estate and lifestyle design hacks. See, real estate is not my life -- living really well is. I believe we can and should do everything we want in life, and so far for me, I am. I have a wonderful family including two kids, traveled to 96 countries, became a Special Agent (no seriously!), and then a Police Officer (because my local community matters to me). I am on my way to finally living in the Mediterranean Region as I always wanted (don’t worry – the US is still home). Yeah, it seems crazy, but it’s all real -- ask me about it.

That’s what real estate and passive income does, empowers you to Amplify Wealth and Amplify Life. Talk to me about it. I’m here!


Professional Life


I never said I stopped actively working, that’s not me. I chose to stay with jobs I love. I leveraged the experiences to make me a better person, help my community, and provide the income to invest for more passive income. It’s been a crazy ride, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Senior Executive, Accenture, 23 years – the best company in the world

Lt Colonel (R), Federal Agent, US Air Force 22 years – the best military service in the world

Senior Police Officer, County Policing Agency, 12 years – because local community matters

Restaurant(s) Owner, 7 years – cause we all gotta eat (and they generate passive income)

Philanthropist, 4 years – because the world has given me a lot and I can do more to help it.

Real Estate Track Record


This isn’t everything, but it’ll give you an idea of what I’ve been doing over the years.


  • 300+ acquisitions & dispositions over 17 years

  • Built a portfolio of 35 single family homes by age 30.

  • Owner of Apartment Complexes and Mobile Home Communities across 8 states

  • Led acquisition and repositioning of hard to acquire boutique multi-family asset in University of Maryland area. Raised rents from $1100 to $1550, driving 42% additional equity in 14 months. Full 8% preferred being returned to investors as scheduled.

  • 16-acre, 80 Lot Mobile Home Community nestled amongst million dollar estates. Within 2 days of close a developer offered $2M+ over what we paid. No thank you. We continue to provide affordable $400 rents for the fixed income families who need them.

  • Advise on repositioning of 104-Unit multi-family, purchase price of $4.5M and sale at $6.2M, a 27% increase in just 18 months later

  • The really cool stuff – I sponsor aspiring investors and, so far, coached them to close 7 complexes and parks over past two years. I love this part the most.

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