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Imagine living your best life by your design! You can actually live it by learning to invest in real estate -- The Quattro Way. Real Estate Runway is all about sharing how to amplify wealth and amplify life through our four pillars:

  • Working with a strong team of people to make sure everyone wins.

  • Investing in property that people are happy to pay to call home.

  • Earning profits that real estate investments create.

  • And, converting income to impact through philanthropy.

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S1E52: How to kickoff a Successful Real Estate Business with Logan Freeman
May 4, 2022 38 min

If you’re looking for a marketing guru to help you get your message out to the public, then Logan Freeman, a commercial real estate agent with years of experience, is perfect for the job. He'll teach you the basics of commercial real estate marketing so you can be successful in your negotiations and sales. Commercial real estate investing is an exciting and lucrative field that can offer great opportunities for those who are willing to take the necessary risks and invest in quality properties. FTW Investments, founded by Logan, will provide us today with systematic and simple coaching and delegation tools that can help newbies navigate this challenging industry. They’re a team of experienced professionals with decades of experience in the industry, and our mission is to help you achieve success in real estate.

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S1E51: How to Overcome Fear and Have a Winning Mindset with Tammy Sutton
Apr 27, 2022 37 min

Today is "bring mommy to podcast" day! With that being said, I welcome you Tammy Sutton, Director of Operations with Quattro Capital, and most importantly my mother to share with us her expertise and passion on real estate. Tammy will share how she provides the best service possible to Quattro Capital's investors. She will also teach us how journaling is a great way to overcome fear.

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S1E50: Holistic Entrepreneurship: 4 Steps to Financial Freedom with Dave Wolcott
Apr 20, 2022 27 min

Are you looking for ways to protect your income streams with safe alternative methods? In this week’s episode, CEO and founder of Pantheon Investments Dave Wolcott will shed light on how he helps busy professionals passively invest in top real estate assets. Dave is also the author of “Holistic Wealth Strategy”, which outlines the steps and strategies into achieving financial freedom.  

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S1E49: How to Accelerate Your Path to Financial Freedom and Abundance with Clay Hepler
Apr 13, 2022 32 min

Are you familiar with the family office concept? What if this is the best chance to reach financial freedom? In this week’s episode, we have an insightful conversation with Clay Hepler, the Chief Wealth Strategist of Creative Capitalist, a wealth creation firm helping clients in 50 states implement wealth creation strategists to empower them to create, protect and multiply their cash flow.  His goal is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs and real estate investors in their plan in reaching financial independence by December 25th, 2024 so that they can live their legacy today on their terms.  Clay challenges existing belief systems and misinformation around concepts such as money, saving, investing, wealth and retirement.

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S1E48: 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Panama with Evie Brooks
April 6, 2022 29 min

There are several alternative investment strategies within the realm of real estate that will enable you to diversify and expand your portfolio. In today's show, I’ll be talking about one that can bring along amazing benefits in your business journey. Our guest, Evie Brooks, shares the advantages of investing internationally, specifically in Panama, and breaks down seven reasons why people would want to invest in this country.  

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S1E47: The Current State of Single and Multi-Tenant Retail Properties with Shlomo Aron
March 30, 2022 32 min

Have you ever thought about the benefits of being involved in retail real estate? Investing in that industry can drastically change your business direction. Today, Shlomo Aron, an Associate Investment Advisor at The Lewkowicz Group with Encore Real Estate Investment Services, compares multifamily to retail real estate and discloses how you underwrite or investigate deals to invest in or purchase.

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S1E46: The Mindset for Success in Real Estate with Tyler Chesser
March 23, 2022 35 min

Do you know what emotional intelligence in real estate means? As an investor, business owner, and leader, having a mindset for success is what will help you to have more effective communication and long-lasting relationships in all your ventures. In this week’s episode, we have a distinguished guest, Tyler Chesser, CCIM a high-performance real estate entrepreneur who helps real estate investors, leaders and entrepreneurs transform their businesses and lives.

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S1E45: Joint Ventures in Real Estate Investing with Kayla and Tyler Wilmot
March 16, 2022 27 min

Have you ever considered investing in a Joint Venture to start your multifamily life? Probably this can be a great option to begin your career path in this industry. Our today’s guests will share their experience getting involved in real estate through JV; they are Tyler and Kayla Wilmot, managing partners of Marlin Dynamic Investments, a multifamily real estate investment LLC based in Jacksonville FL.

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S1E44: "Passive Investing Made Simple" with Anthony Vicino
March 9, 2022 38 min

Do you believe that investing in real estate is scary and overwhelming? If the answer is yes, you should start changing that mindset. In this episode, we have a very special guest, Anthony Vicino, that is going to help you to see investing from a different insight. He is a co-founding partner of Invictus Capital a multifamily acquisition firm based in Minneapolis, MN with $30m in AUM, that provides busy working professionals with the opportunity to Invest Better.

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S1E43: Accessing Money From IRA/401 K Penalty and Tax-Free with Daniel Blue
March 2, 2022 26 min

Would you like to know how you can access money from your retirement account penalty and tax-free? Then, you should stay until the end of this episode to discover it! Today, we have Daniel blue on the show. He is a Forbes contributor, and the owner of a 7-figure business called Quest Education. Daniel is the author of “Blueprint to Your Best Retirement”, and his goal is to educate people and provide them with relevant resources to maximize control over their finances!

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S1E42: How to Become the Best Version of Yourself with Rupam Khanna
February 23, 2022 24 min

In this week’s episode, I’m very excited to introduce our guest Dr. Rupam Khanna! She is a Practicing Dentist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist who is passionate about health, wellness and unconditional giving. Dr. Rupam considers herself very fortunate to have a well-balanced and abundant life that has given her experiences with a holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual wellness. She stands by the belief that we are our rituals and truly wants to willingly receive and graciously give through this forum. 

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S1E41: Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Professional with Dan Lewkowicz
February 16, 2022 20 min

In today’s episode, I’m very happy to do a podcast swap with Dan Lewkowicz. I was on his show “Dan On Top”; I encourage you to check it out! Without further ado, I’m excited to introduce Dan on the show. He is a seasoned real estate veteran with over 15 years of experience in all facets of real estate. The current director of investment sales at Encore Real Estate Investment Services, the director of content at Dan On Top and one of the partners and founding members of CRE PRO suite of services. Dan is driven to #AddValue and believe by doing so, everything else will follow.

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S1E40: US Multifamily Rental Value with Ava Benesocky & August Biniaz
February 9, 2021  24 min

Today, I’m excited to introduce Ava Benesocky & August Biniaz, two of my Canadian friends who are helping investors from Canada to invest in US projects. They founded a firm called CPI Capital, which is a Canadian based real estate investment firm in the business of discovering, acquiring, improving and actively managing US Multifamily Rental Value.

Ava’s greatest asset is her ability to cultivate long lasting, trusting relationships with clients and investors. Putting people before profits is a model that has helped Ava be successful and appreciated. With almost a decade of experience in real estate, Ava brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CPI.

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S1E39: Educating investors to make the right decision with Sarah Sullivan
February 2, 2021  30 min

Today we have a special guest! All my guests are special, but this one I work with almost every day. Her name is Sarah Sullivan. She's the founder of SuGo capital based in California. She has worked at the highest ranks in Silicon Valley. Sarah is an educator that primarily spends her time today educating investors on how to invest in real estate the way that her and I do together. We have co-sponsored many deals together. But first and foremost, she has a giver's heart and she is of the opinion that this stuff should not be a secret left to the wealthy, but should be given to everyone to build their own wealth. And if you're not educated in something, you should never invest in it.  

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S1E38: The Power of Partnerships with Jon Stark and Imani Abdullah
January 26, 2021  33 min

Jeremy Goodrich is about to change the way you think of insurance and it might just save your business someday. Jeremy is the Founder and commercial real estate insurance advisor at Shine. He’s a teacher at heart and he simplifies insurance by giving step-by-step guidance along the way. In 2013, he decided it was time to change the way people feel about insurance. Jeremy carried his educator’s heart over and he's been making insurance simple for first-time homebuyers and real estate investors even since. He's also the host of the REI Clarity Podcast and the host of Youtube's #1 most-watched independent insurance agency channel!

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S1E37: The SaaS Investing Playbook with Akeel Jabber
January 19, 2021  23 min

It’s time to uncover a different asset class with tons of opportunities to generate cash returns! Akeel Jabber is a tech investor who looks to acquire and grow SaaS companies. He is the Founder and Investment Director at HoriZen Capital, where he partners with B2B SaaS Companies to take their business to the next level of growth. Akeel is an expert in growth marketing and capital raising for B2B SaaS companies. He shares his knowledge and experience as the Host of the SaaS District Podcast. 

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S1E36: Asset Management Done Right with Mike Taravella
January 12, 2021  28 min

It’s time to nerd out with one of the best asset managers in real estate, Mike Taravella, CPA. Mike started at Ernst & Young in public accounting and then transitioned into Detroit’s startup community at Rock Ventures. He then began his real estate investing career owning and self-managing investments in Michigan. He also took an interest in real estate development before joining Rand Partners in 2019. Mike is currently the Asset Manager that is responsible for underwriting deals, investor relations, and asset management with acquisition of over $31M!

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S1E35: Making Insurance Smart, Simple, and Secure with Jeremy Goodrich
January 5, 2021  33 min

Jeremy Goodrich is about to change the way you think of insurance and it might just save your business someday. Jeremy is the Founder and commercial real estate insurance advisor at Shine. He’s a teacher at heart and he simplifies insurance by giving step-by-step guidance along the way. In 2013, he decided it was time to change the way people feel about insurance. Jeremy carried his educator’s heart over and he's been making insurance simple for first-time homebuyers and real estate investors even since. He's also the host of the REI Clarity Podcast and the host of Youtube's #1 most-watched independent insurance agency channel!

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S1E34: Impact Investing: Invest with a Higher Purpose with Anna Kelley
December 29, 2021  29 min

Anna Kelley is living proof that when you invest with people in mind the ROI is much higher and it benefits everyone involved. Anna has ownership in and asset manages over 1250 multifamily units across the US, valued at $165M, and has invested in over 2000 doors. Anna runs a multifamily syndication company, Greater Purpose Capital, LLC, focused on creating meaningful impact in the lives of her investors and on the communities in which she and her partners invest. She is a 4X Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, real estate coach, and sought-after speaker for multifamily events across the country. In the last 20 years, she has purchased, renovated, and rented millions of dollars in real estate across numerous asset classes. 

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S1E33: Becoming a Successful Multifamily Syndicator at 25 with Alessandra Thompson
December 15, 2021  22 min

When Alessandra Thompson stepped outside her comfort zone she found that “success lies on the other side of fear.” Alessandra is a 25-year-old Real Estate Investor and Underwriter. Coming from a background in selling solar panels door to door and being a Senior Campaign Manager at a Startup, she quickly realized that she needed to take control of her own freedom. She found that one of the most secure ways to live financially free and on her own terms was by investing in Multifamily Real Estate. She ended up finding her mentors on Clubhouse and left her “stable, secure job” in California to move to Nashville alone to get hands-on experience! She just recently closed on her first deal - a 36 unit multifamily property in Little Rock, Arkansas and her mission is to continue to scale her portfolio. 

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S1E32: Multifamily turned Self-Storage Investor with Hunter Jones
December 8, 2021  27 min

There aren’t many people that think about acquiring Self-Storage, but let me ask you, how does low maintenance, low expenses, and high NOI sound to you? It may surprise you just how lucrative this investment class is. Hunter Jones is a former Multifamily investor, turned self-storage investor focused on the East Tennessee area. Hunter started in wholesaling and Multifamily in 2018 with 2 other partners and grew a portfolio of 100 units in a short amount of time. He is now focused on Self Storage Acquisitions with his brother Harper in the East Tennessee area. Their strategy focuses on acquiring distressed, value adds assets and turning them around for a profit.

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S1E31: Tapping into Emerging Real Estate Markets with David Lindahl
December 1, 2021  25 min

If you really want to scale, you need to be the operator who can handle it before it arrives! Dave Lindahl, the author of Multifamily Millions and Emerging Real Estate Markets, is the Founder and CEO of RE Mentor™. Starting with very little money and a desire to change his and his family's lives for the better, Dave began his real estate investing journey. Fast forward almost twenty years and Dave has bought and sold over 8,200 real estate units from foreclosures, short sales, wholesale deals, lease options, and rehabs with single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties! In an effort to help anyone who has an interest in changing their lives through real estate, Dave created RE Mentor™. Today, it is recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in real estate investing education.

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S1E30: Scaling to $7M in 5 Years before the Age of 30 with Tyler Mikolajcik
November 24, 2021  37 min

We all know mindset plays a huge role in success, but the power to scale to 7-figures before you’re even 30 years old? Tyler started in real estate at the age of 21, just flipping houses. After 5 years, he got into the multifamily space. Even with all the experience in house flipping, he noticed his wealth grow to seven figures in a short time in multifamily (bootstrapped), a goal he could never reach through flipping! People in Tyler’s marketplace know him for getting deals that nobody else can get or no one else will. He now shares his tactics and helps others build wealth through coaching and mentorship. Tyler is one guy you positively need to learn from! So let’s get into the conversation to learn how Tyler, through mindset, strategy, and networking, scaled to $7M before the age of 30.

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S1E29: Investing with the Right People with Pili Yarusi
November 17, 2021  34 min

I truly believe who you invest with vastly outweighs what you invest IN, and today’s guest, Pili Yarusi, shares this view. Pili loves to help people and “Lead with Aloha”. In Real Estate, Pili is a Large Multifamily Owner, Operator, and Syndicator. She and her husband Jason founded Yarusi Holdings LLC a Large Multifamily Investment Firm and together they have managed over $100M in assets across over 1000 Multifamily Units. She is also the co-host of the Multifamily Live Podcast and the Jason and Pili Project. Aside from the multifamily space, her goal is to empower and educate women to gain financial freedom, especially through Multifamily. 

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S1E28: Creative Financing for all Types of Deals with Bill Ham
November 10, 2021  37 min

Every problem is unique, and to solve it, it takes an approach that is just as unique. Bill Ham, master of creative solutions, is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the driving force behind Broadwell Property Group. He has more than 20 years’ experience in Real Estate with a proven track record of identifying, acquiring, operating, and divesting of large footprint Multifamily Housing. Bill educates others by taking his skills as a Real Estate Entrepreneur and sharing them through speaking, and his latest book, Creative Cash. As a Real Estate Entrepreneur, a sought-after speaker, an author, and an operator Bill’s real passion lies in education. He has been a coach and mentor to the future titans of Multifamily and counseled hundreds of students who have gone on to close countless millions of dollars in their own deals, many crediting Bill with their success.

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S1E27: How to get the Best Acquisition Rehabs in Single and Multifamily with Mike DeHaan
November 3, 2021  29 min

The best deals are found when you’re willing to do what no one else is willing to do. Mike DeHaan started out his career as an electrical engineer wearing a pair of golden handcuffs. Mike started researching passive income and found REI, but he knew if he wanted a real passive income, he needed to change his approach. This is when he started networking more, employed a different strategy and watched the calls start rolling in. Today, Mike has hired staff and improved his systems to be able to handle consistently doing 3-5 deals per month. As of now he owns 28 doors, and has completed 48 deals in his 3 years investing and now generates more passive rental income than he used to make with his 6 figure salary by taking on deals that others won't.

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S1E26: Underwriting Essentials: How to Vet a Deal Quickly and Effectively with Rob Beardsley
October 27, 2021  34 min

Honing in on your deal structure can help you win more deals, so let’s learn some of the best techniques. Robert Beardsley, as Founder and Principal at Lone Star Capital, oversees acquisitions and capital markets for the firm and has acquired over $100M of multifamily real estate. He has evaluated thousands of opportunities using proprietary underwriting models and published the number one book on multifamily underwriting, The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions. He has written over 50 articles about underwriting, deal structures, and capital markets and hosts the Capital Spotlight podcast, which is focused on interviewing institutional investors. 

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S1E25: Sports for Support; How One High Schooler is Making a Massive Impact with Ayesha Khanna
October 20, 2021  22 min

Sports, especially growing up, can be an incredible gateway to learn lessons that can’t be gleaned from anywhere else. Ayesha Khanna is an aspiring surgeon currently attending High School in California. As a gifted athlete, Ayesha has played a countless number of sports, through which she has learned important life lessons. After realizing the importance of sports in kids’ life, Ayesha created Sports for Support in an effort to expose everyone, no matter their socioeconomic status, to the gift of sports and everything that comes with playing them. People have been contributing to the mission by donating gently used equipment to children who need it most. 

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S1E24: Crash Course in the Art of Negotiation with Brandon Voss
October 13, 2021  34 min

When you’re in a high-stakes negotiation, the last thing you usually think about is having empathy for the other person and putting your own objectives aside, but this episode may just change your approach. Brandon Voss is the President of The Black Swan Group. What sets them apart is that the Black Swan team is able to assist their clients in negotiations while customizing their approach based on their unique needs, situation, and corporate culture. As a thought leader with extensive sales experience, Brandon holds respect to the three negotiator types: the Analyst, the Assertive, and the Accommodator. He has made it his mission to teach clients how to identify each of these three types of negotiators and has developed a methodology for dealing with all of them in the most successful way possible.

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S1E23: The Chattanooga Deal: The Judge Picked Our Offer, Not the Seller's
with Brandon Thornberry
October 06, 2021  39 min

Sometimes you get those deals that are so colorful you can’t help but take away some golden lessons from them. In this episode, me and my buddy Brandon Thornberry are going to take a deeper look into one of those deals from our own experience. Brandon is the Owner/Operator of UrbanGate Capital, which focuses on identifying emerging markets and investing in the path of progress. Prior to starting UrbanGate Capital, he spent 13 years acquiring and renovating single family homes. The skills developed during this time have been brought forward into the multifamily space in finding opportunities, envisioning the value-add potential, and executing on the value-add plan.  Currently, UrbanGate is prioritizing the acquisition of properties in Middle, TN - Nashville, Chattanooga, and Clarksville.

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S1E22: How to Benefit from Inflation with Paul Moore
September 29, 2021  25 min

What comes to your mind when you hear inflation? Believe it or not, this doesn’t have to be a dirty word, and if you play your cards right, you may be able to leverage it to your benefit through real estate! As you may remember, Paul Moore is the manager of multiple commercial real estate funds at Wellings Capital. Paul's team works to provide an on-ramp for investors who want the wealth building power of commercial real estate and its tax benefits ... without the hassle and barriers to entry. He was a finalist for Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year two years straight before entering the real estate investment world over two decades ago. He is also the author of three real estate investment books and founder of Wellings Capital. His firm manages recession-resistant commercial real estate funds that provide an easy on-ramp for accredited investors looking for diversification, cash flow, and exceptional appreciation. 

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S1E21: Why You Should Pay Attention to the Sub 100 Unit Multifamily Space with Patrick Cosgrove
September 22, 2021  22 min

Maybe chasing down the giants to build your reputation isn’t the way to go. Why go big, when you go to a space that’s less crowded you can purchase at a better cap rate with more opportunity to grow? This is how Pat Cosgrove built his network and portfolio. Patrick is a multifamily specialist with Marcus & Millichap in the firm's Nashville office. As a Marcus & Millichap agent, Pat exclusively represents buyers and sellers of investment properties throughout the Southeast region of the United States. Pat is a member of the National Multi-Housing Group, and one of the top 3 Multifamily Brokers in Marcus & Millichap Mid-South Region over the last two years. Jump right into this episode and learn why you should pay attention to the sub 100 unit Multifamily Space.

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S1E20: How to Make Millions Without Losing Your Time Freedom 'The Big Kahuna' with Corey Peterson
September 15, 2021  37 min

Imagine making millions but losing time with your family in the process. There’s a better way and we’re going to learn about it in this episode as well as a unique way to structure deals, and what better way to learn than from someone who’s excelled in it themselves! Corey Peterson, ‘The Big Kahuna’, is the owner of Kahuna Investments. Corey has managed and acquired over $95 million in real estate across the country. He is the bestselling author of “Copy Your Way To Success – Standing on the shoulders of Giants” and host of the Multi-Family Legacy Podcast.  He speaks around the country on this subject to some of the biggest names, including at Harvard and Nasdaq. You don’t have to choose between time and money. Dive into the episode and learn from Corey how to make millions without losing your time freedom.

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S1E19: Making Life Better Through Multifamily Real Estate with Amy Sylvis
September 01, 2021  30 min

It’s incredible how opportunities open up to those who seek to help others and add value before making a profit. Prior to working in multi-family real estate, Amy Sylvis spent 13 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. She was originally drawn to the industry to be able to serve people while they battled serious health challenges having lived through the experience herself. She soon realized that her skillset could serve even MORE people through multifamily real estate by providing clean, safe, affordable housing to working-class families while giving her the freedom to look after herself. After several attempts to crack into the industry, Amy was presented with the opportunity to join us here at Quattro Capital. She is now active on the GP and LP side of apartments in Tennessee and Georgia and is continuing to grow her portfolio with a goal of achieving the 5 Freedoms in the next couple of years. 

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S1E18: How Water Conservation will Save You Millions on Deals with Anselmo Torres III and Kelly Stinson
August 25, 2021  31 min

Imagine the proceeds you could be giving or getting if you were saving thousands and even millions on something as simple as water consumption! Two for one special today folks; we have Anselmo Torres III and Kelly Stinson from SAS Conserve. Anselmo created a software program called LeakAware that helps multifamily properties monitor their water consumption & detect high consumption/leaks. He’s walked over 300 properties across 30,000+ units performing audits & collecting data. Kelly (The Potty Princess), is passionate about water & energy conservation and the influence we have to improve the environment. In 2019 alone she saved multifamily property owners over $2 MILLION on their water/sewer bills coupled with reducing water consumption by just over 200 million gallons!

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S1E17: How to Make Your Money Work for You with Vasu Kakarlapudi, MD
August 18, 2021  24 min

With taxes pitted against you, it’s time to stop trading your hours for dollars and start making money work for you! Vasu Kakarlapudi, MD was born in India, raised in Kansas City, and used his academic excellence to gain admission to an accelerated 6 year BA / MD program at the University of Missouri. He trained as an Ear, Nose, Throat, Head & Neck Surgeon and since has had a passion for bringing colleagues together. Dr. Vasu used his entrepreneurial skills as a founding board member of 50 plus physician-owned hospitals and also to create real estate opportunities for his partners through the development of multiple medical offices. In over 15 years of real estate investing, he has been successful in growing his passive income and net worth in retail, medical office, senior care, and multifamily. It is that passion to pay his knowledge and experience forward as Managing Partner of Apta Properties.

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S1E16: Mindset Mastery: A No-Nonsense Guide to Greatness with Eric Yusko
August 11, 2021  29 min

Sometimes you just need to consume no-nonsense, practical ways of learning how to level up and in this episode we’ll do just that. Eric Yusko is an Aerospace engineer turned coach, helping more people in a more effective way. Certified under the International Coaching Federation, as well as becoming an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Eric has been transforming men's lives through consistent and deliberate change. Leadership, culture, and management have been at the forefront of his coaching practice and what actually has defined his company, Man of Class - a community for men who are ready to make a change in their lives, a change. He is also the host of the podcast Man of Class.

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S1E15: Infinite Banking: Leveraging Life Insurance Policies as an Asset with David Zapata
August 4, 2021  30 min

When you think of ‘life insurance’ I want you to think in these terms: Personal Banking High Yield Account. In this episode we’re welcoming David Zapata back to the show to help us get into the meat of IBC. As a refresher, David, since discovering the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), has been committed to sharing the value of controlling the financing function for individuals, families, and business owners. Through IBC, David has been able to finance hobbies, recapture non-productive debt, and build his investment portfolio. Like we said last time, those who are open to thinking creatively and are eager to take ownership of their financial futures are the ones who will thrive on IBC.  

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S1E14: The Law of the First Deal and the Power of Partnerships with Lee M. Fjord
July 28, 2021  24 min

Two for one special today! In this episode you’re going to learn how to win on your first deal AND how to maximize your potential by building powerful partnerships. Lee M. Fjord is a consummate real estate professional with almost a decade of experience managing, leasing, brokering, investing, and syndicating real estate properties. It’s unique to find someone who is both a broker and investor. Lee does it all by being results-driven, goal oriented professional real estate agent and investor focusing on value-add midsize apartments. With over 125 doors including a 76 unit syndication acquired in 2020, he excels by approaching each client with the goal of meeting or exceeding all of their expectations to ensure the creation of "long lasting" and trusted relationships.

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S1E13: Why You Need A Syndication Attorney with Mauricio Rauld
July 21, 2021  30 min

If you are investing in real estate, you NEED to listen to this episode. Mauricio Rauld (our chosen syndication attorney) is the Founder and CEO of Premier Law Group, a premier boutique securities law firm. As a nationally recognized expert on private placements, Mauricio works with elite entrepreneurs who seek to increase and protect their wealth through syndications. Mauricio specializes in educating investors from around the world on how to navigate the complex world of securities laws. Mauricio has previously been selected as a “Southern California Rising Star” by the Southern California Super Lawyers Magazine, recognizing him as one of the top 2.5% up-and-coming lawyers in Southern California. 

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S1E12: Impact Real Estate: Make an Impact with Your Income with Evan Holladay
July 14, 2021  29 min

Building something with momentum and action can create something really powerful. Evan Holladay is the President and CEO of Holladay Ventures. They are focused on multi-family affordable workforce housing deals in the Southeast US. Evan has sourced and developed over $237 million, helping create 1300+ units of new affordable housing. He’s worked in innovative financing – introducing and utilizing the first PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) in many jurisdictions, utilizing Renewable Energy Credits with LIHTC, and working with HOME, CDBG, Project Based Vouchers. Evan is an advocate for affordable housing and was recently featured in the book CRA at Forty: Views on the Present and Future of Community Reinvestment. He is also the host of the Monumental Podcast.

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S1E11: Mobile Home Parks - The New Multifamily Investment with Paul Moore
July  7, 2021  26 min

You may be overpaying on competition-rich multifamily assets. How do you go against the grain! Listen in and find out! Paul Moore is the Founder and Managing Partner of Wellings Capital. Paul entered the management development track at Ford Motor Company in Detroit and after five years, he departed to start a staffing company with a partner. They scaled and sold the company to a publicly traded firm five years later. He began investing in real estate in 2000 to protect and grow his own wealth. Paul completed over 85 real estate investments and exits, appeared on HGTV’s House Hunters, rehabbed and managed dozens of rental properties, and developed a subdivision. He is also the host of the podcast, How to Lose Money, and author of the book, The Perfect Investment.

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S1E10: Infinit Banking: A Paradigm Shift for Real Estate Investors with David Zapata
June 30, 2021  33 min

If you as an investor are not leveraging IBC, you may be doing yourself a big disservice. This is a process you’re going to want to learn! David Zapata was born and raised in Colombia, South America. He has lived in the United States since 2006 and has spent the last ten years as an engineer working in corporate America. Since discovering the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), David has been committed to sharing the value of controlling the financing function for individuals, families, and business owners. The concept was coined as "Infinite" because it supports the realization of unique lifestyles through financial freedom and control. Through IBC, David has been able to finance hobbies, recapture non-productive debt, and build his investment portfolio. Those who are open to thinking creatively and are eager to take ownership of their financial futures are the ones who succeed.  IBC is for everyone willing to educate themselves about it, so let’s dive and learn more about How Infinite Banking is Shifting the Paradigm for Real Estate Investors.

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S1E9: Adopting Digital Transformation to Stay Competitive with TJ Lokboj
June 23, 2021  26 min

Ask yourself this: How much more effective could your business be if you adopted some technologies that could automate what you’re doing? TJ Lokboj is the co-founder of SyndicationPro, THE #1 syndication management SaaS solution in the market today. With this innovative software he serves the "jobs to be done" of syndicators and fund managers and provides institutional-level reporting. He has over 15 years of combined real estate investing experience and currently manages portfolios valued at more than $300M in total asset value which includes over 2,000 units as of January 2021. Let’s dive right in and learn from TJ Lokboj how to become a syndication pro yourself by adopting digital transformation to stay competitive in this ever changing industry.

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S1E8: Simple Things That Prevent Investors From Scaling In Real Estate with Trevor McGregor
June 16, 2021  24 min

Trevor McGregor is a High performance - Master Coach with over 25,000 hours of coaching experience under his belt. He has worked with clients from around the world including Fortune 500 executives, high-level real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and business professionals and they all come to him for one reason: Life-Changing Transformation. IN addition to running his own private coaching practice, Trevor was a Master Platinum Coach with the Tony Robbins Group, offering elite coaching unlike any other program in the world. Coach Trevor and I are going to have a great conversation about the 5 things that are generally preventing entrepreneurs and high-performers from achieving what they want to achieve.

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S1E7: Live Uncontained: Luxury Container Homes As Turnkey Investment Properties with Ro Markevitch and Erin Hudson
June 9, 2021  23 min

Erin Hudson is a doctor, a mom, and a real estate investor, based in Texas. She owns several conventional and shipping container homes that she rents on Airbnb. Ro Markevitch is a former instructional designer and now full-time commercial and single family home investor. Ro is based in Atlanta, GA and is currently looking for land in the area to start a new container home project. Today we’re going to talk about a business that they’re pioneering in providing luxury shipping container homes as turnkey investment properties. A literal Airbnb in a box with a guaranteed 10% per year return! Want to know the secret? Then stay tuned!   

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S1E6: Creating Beneficial Terms with Cable Companies with Kevin J. Gardner
June 2, 2021  30min

Kevin spent nearly 20 years with Comcast, including time as the Midwest Division Vice President of Sales and Marketing and as an Area Vice President. Kevin was responsible for managing the team that negotiated telecommunications access agreements for cable companies with multifamily property owners throughout his career. For Multifamily Property Owners, Kevin’s experience has resulted in favorable contract terms related to their telecommunications agreements. Telecommunications Agreements are important even if Owners do not pay for their resident’s cable.

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S1E5: Create Successful Relationships Between Owners and Property Managers
May 26, 2021  40 min

Julie Griffin is the President of D & K Management, a family-owned property management company based in Tennessee. She is a dedicated property management professional who strives to ensure that her investors find success while her residents find great places to live. Listen in as we discuss what it takes to have a successful partnership between owners and property managers.


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S1E4: What It Takes To Survive And To Thrive with Kim Wendland
May 19, 2021  55 min

Welcome back to Real Estate Runway! In this episode, I am joined by Kim Wendland. She is my partner at The QuattroWay group and is a COVID survivor. She has some amazing stories to share with you today that you can use both in life and in business. Listen in as we dig deep into what takes to survive and to thrive even after dealing with the toughest challenges in life.


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S1E3: Building Your Micro Empire with Jennifer Grimson
May 17, 2021  29 min

“You don’t need to be wealthy to build wealth”. In this episode, I brought in my good friend Jennifer Ives Grimson. Jennifer was a single mother who lost everything...twice.  The second time, she rebuilt by creating small “empires” for financial independence.  She created over $1.4m in income-producing investments with nothing more than a W2 and grit.  In 2020, Jennifer created the Micro Empires Podcast to share her story and to pull back the curtain on the path to financial independence. Let’s jump right into Jennifer’s story and find out how she built her micro empire.

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S1E2: Building a Mobile Home Community with Peter Pratti
May 17, 2021  28 min

Most say that multifamily is the most ideal real estate investment you can have. But today, we will explore the world of mobile home communities with our guest, Peter Pratti. Welcome back to the Real Estate Runway podcast! In today’s show, I welcome real estate investor, commercial broker, and my co-investor, Peter Pratti to walk us through the world of mobile homes and how it can compete with the multifamily business. Peter started his career with single-family houses and transitioned to owning apartment buildings. In his transition to the mobile home community, he will share with us the ideal plans and tips for buying mobile homes.

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S1E1: Real Estate isn't Rainbows and Unicorns with Christy Keeton
May 4, 2021  28 min

Welcome to the first-ever episode of Real Estate Runway! I’m your host, Chad Sutton, and we’re here to talk with a fellow Quattro Capital member Christy Keeton on her journey to success in real estate investing. Christy Keeton is an oil and gas engineering technician turned real estate investor, networking professional, and underwriting expert. In this episode, she will share her ups and downs in her transition and how her talents and skills have helped her along the way. The world of real estate is filled with false promises and getting in is made to look like rainbows and butterflies. But Christy says otherwise. Let’s jump right in and find out how Christy’s life took a complete turn with just one deal!