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Chad Sutton

Aerospace Engineer

Global Sourcing Strategist

Real Estate Investor


Super Power: Charismatic Geek

"Let's grab a drink and talk numbers."

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Unlike my partner Maurice, in the beginning it was about the money for me (sadly). I entered the corporate world with one intention, and that was getting to the top so that I could pound my chest, flaunt my title, and enjoy the perks of a sizable mid-six-figure income. Thank heavens I woke up and learned that the essence of life actually revolves around my beautiful (and much more intelligent) wife, our darling daughter, and our wonderful family and friends that surround us with love even when we don't deserve it. Today, at thirty-two, I am well on my way to that dream that leads to freedom of time and passion. For me, financial freedom has become an obsession and a lifestyle.


I love that Quattro Capital provides a way for me to become financially free while helping others do the same, as well as solving our country's need for quality workforce housing. One day my girls and I will travel to all of the cool places I went during my corporate life. I mean, let's face it, a conference room looks the same in all cities in the world!


As my story progresses, I am spending more time doing what I love like playing golf in exotic places, getting lost in the notes of my guitars, playing and wake surfing on the lake with family and friends, building anything from furniture to homes, and doing what makes my heart full.​


What does your freedom vision look like?

Real Estate 

​​My journey with real estate began when my wife and I purchased our first home in the 2015 sizzling Nashville market that almost priced us out completely. We were fortunate to find something well below market value and performed a live-in renovation on it. After reaping the rewards of sweat equity (because it was all that we could afford to do at the time), the neurons in my head connected the dots that led to my pursuit of value-add real estate investing. As we began to scale, I discovered that larger real estate assets were valued on the income they generate and not using the comparable method as in the residential world. From there, I was hooked.


Yes, I am the young buck in the group! It has been such a privilege and an honor to link arms with such an experienced and high-performance team while we build Quattro Capital "The Quattro Way".


For Quattro Capital, I spend most of my time working with Brokers and putting deals together in the multifamily space. I lead a team of Alliance Partners whom we work with very closely to coordinate the negotiation, underwriting, due diligence, and debt origination of our acquisition pipeline. As of this writing, I have led the acquisition of over $70 million in multifamily real estate on behalf of Quattro Capital.


Believe it or not, my first love was actually aircraft. I originally became an aerospace engineer with NASA back in the days the Space Shuttle was still flying. The feeling that comes from watching a man-made machine leap off of the ground and leave this world is something I still to this day have trouble explaining. But, all good things must come to an end as did the space program. I then transitioned into the private sector and rose through the ranks of General Electric in their aviation division as a mechanical engineer of ever-increasing influence. When the company health began to come into question by the public, I was fortunate to be asked to join an elite internal consulting group that had one sole mission: expand contribution margin on all products to improve the bottom line. It was here that I developed my understanding and love of business strategy all while becoming a cultured world traveler as I jumped from facility to facility around the globe. Soon after this once in a lifetime experience ended, I was blessed with an opportunity to serve as a Global Sourcing Leader for GE Renewable Energy supporting wind turbines on both land and sea, effectively assisting the world in its transition to more sustainable green energy generation. It was here that I grew my abilities in global team leadership and negotiation tactics with international cultures.


My team jokes that I am an "old soul" in that I come from a diverse background and have had many experiences for someone in his early thirties. I have been given a passion for ingenuity and a love of generating thoughtful solutions to some of the industry's most challenging problems. Now that passion and ingenuity is harnessed in using value-add real estate to create financial freedom for myself and others while simultaneously providing wonderful communities for our residents.  

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