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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E51: How to Overcome Fear and Have a Winning Mindset with Tammy Sutton
Apr 27, 2022 37 min

Episode Description

Today is "bring mommy to podcast" day! With that being said, I welcome you Tammy Sutton, Director of Operations with Quattro Capital, and most importantly my mother to share with us her expertise and passion on real estate. Tammy will share how she provides the best service possible to Quattro Capital's investors. She will also teach us how journaling is a great way to overcome fear.

As a director of acquisitions and one of the five managing partners of Quattro Capital, Tammy has 15 years of education and five years as a small business owner. The passion she had for teaching has now been renewed as a passion for multifamily investing because of the positive impact that results on residents, neighborhoods, and people. Tammy's professional experience includes five years as a paralegal (when I was a baby) and five years owning her own small business.

If you want to learn how to have a winning mindset and how to emotionally invest in your business, this episode is for you!

[00:00 - 06:17] Opening Segment

  • Tammy shares her background and work

  • Director of acquisitions and one of the five managing partners of Quattro Capital.

  • She has 15 years of education and five years as a small business owner.

  • Marketing material and presentations

[06:18 - 19:50] From Being an Elementary Teach to a Successful Business Owner

  • Tammy shares how limiting beliefs influenced her childhood

  • How their new marriage and subsequent child led to a decision to become a stay-at-home mom

  • Worked as a paralegal out of their home for several years

  • Transitioning out of teaching

  • Over time, education became more corporate and less focused on what was best for the students

  • Tammy shares how she ultimately transitioned from teaching

[19:51 - 33:11] Love and Support in Business

  • Tammy shares a story with her sister

  • How family helped Tammy overcome fear and limitations

  • Tammy's love for children

[32:33 - 36:32] Closing Segment

Resources Mentioned:

To connect with Tammy, you can visit

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"I get my creative kick when I am helping generate the business plans to show our investors and things like that. So I get to do a little bit of everything." - Tammy Sutton

"(Limiting beliefs) is like the Force in Star Wars. You don't understand what the Force is" - Tammy Sutton

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