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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E47: The Current State of Single and Multi-Tenant Retail Properties with Shlomo Aron
March 30, 2022 32 min

Episode Description

Have you ever thought about the benefits of being involved in retail real estate? Investing in that industry can drastically change your business direction. Today, Shlomo Aron, an Associate Investment Advisor at The Lewkowicz Group with Encore Real Estate Investment Services, compares multifamily to retail real estate and discloses how you underwrite or investigate deals to invest in or purchase.

Shlomo offers a unique national perspective on commercial investments as well as a strategic marketing campaign to enable his clients the ability to achieve the best values for their properties and advises high net worth individuals, family offices, large trusts, and private investors to perfect their investment strategies.  Shlomo specializes in single and multi-tenant retail properties, cannabis assets, and hospitality properties. Whether it is an institutional REIT or an independent owner, Shlomo proves himself to be an invaluable member of each investment team that he is a part of.

Let’s dig into the current state of retail industrial properties!

Getting to know Shlomo - [00:01 – 04:09]

  • Shlomo shares his background and work

  • His experience doing bookkeeping for an asset management company
    Brokering single-family houses
    How he started at Encore Real Estate Investment

The Current State of Retail Industrial Properties  [04:10 – 25:32]

  • How to evaluate a retail property as an alternative investment strategy

  • The difference between the underwriting of the retail vs multifamily

  • How property taxes work on retail real estate

  • The tenant pays for the taxes

  • Shlomo’s insights about checking the credit rating to verify tenants will reliably pay

  • Major tenants vs small tenants value adjustments

  • Set up a qualitative cap rate

  • Shlomo explains what a triple net lease means

  • Tenants have to pay for everything that happens to the property
    Tenants are responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance

The Quattro Trio - [25:33 - 32:00]

  • What is your superpower?

  • Analyzing properties

  • What is your biggest learning?

  • Know what people you need

Want to can connect with Shlomo? Follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also reach him at Go and visit Encore Real Estate Investment Services; dedicated to assisting clients in the acquisition and disposition of net leased and multi-tenant retail properties across the country!

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Triple Net Lease is a win-win for both; landlord just gets his paycheck, his rent every month, and leaves the tenant alone.” -   Shlomo Aron

“You really have to understand that, who you come off to the competition, who you speak to, with other people is going to affect your name” -   Shlomo Aron

“Who you trust affects who trust you.” - Shlomo Aron

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