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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E39: Educating investors to make the right decision with Sarah Sullivan
February 2, 2022 30 min

Episode Description

Today we have a special guest! All my guests are special, but this one I work with almost every day. Her name is Sarah Sullivan. She's the founder of SuGo capital based in California. She has worked at the highest ranks in Silicon Valley. Sarah is an educator that primarily spends her time today educating investors on how to invest in real estate the way that her and I do together. We have co-sponsored many deals together. But first and foremost, she has a giver's heart and she is of the opinion that this stuff should not be a secret left to the wealthy, but should be given to everyone to build their own wealth. And if you're not educated in something, you should never invest in it.

Stay tuned until the end to know more about how to make the right decision!

Getting to know Sarah Sullivan- [00:01 – 09:53]

  • I introduce Sarah to the show

  • Bio

  • Sarah shares a bit of his background

  • Silicon Valley
    10 years studying real estate.
    The transition from corporate entrepreneur to full time real estate investor.
    Educating investors on how to invest in real estate.
    SuGo Capital.

Educating investor to make the right decision [06:21 – 23:50]

  • Building relationships and educating your investors.

  • Connect with people emotionally.
    Teach people how to identify their goal with investment.
    Teach people how to do the analysis on the actual property and PPM.

  • The importance of having clear goals.

  • Intense education.
    Learn about different types of investment.

  • Understanding the investment and which one is right for you.

  • Benefits, taxes, returns, etc.

  • Sarah talks about education online.

  • Podcast and Youtube channels to have access to real time information.
    The wealth of knowledge.
    Access totally free.

  • The importance of doing due diligence.

  • Don’t invest in something you don’t understand.

  • Learn for yourself and take action.

The Quattro Trio - [23:51 - 30:16]

  • What is your superpower?

  • The ability to teach.
    Circus School.

  • What is your biggest failure?

  • Losing money for not doing due diligence on the property management company.

  • How to connect with Sarah

  • Links below

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“So, educating people when there's not a choice on the table is really key.” -  Sarah Sullivan

“I encourage you, all of you listening, you have to take action on what you're listening to. Otherwise, it doesn't affect your life.” - Sarah Sullivan

“If you want to be in real estate, make super, super clear goals for yourself and take action.” - Sarah Sullivan

You can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn . Make sure you check out  her website to be up to date on all the events that they have!

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