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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E63: Building a Financially Secure Future through Infinite Banking with Sally Marie Gimon
July 20, 2022 25 mins

Episode Description

Chad Sutton interviews Sally Marie Gimon about the Infinite Banking Concept. Sally is a licensed life insurance agent for 19 years and specializes in Infinite Banking. She helps clients become debt-free ⅓ of the time in comparison to how they were taught to pay their bills. She holds a weekly mastermind for her Real Estate group that reaches over 800 investors and hosts Money Secrets weekly on Win-Win Women TV. In this episode, Sally shares how the infinite banking concept is to use a whole life insurance policy as a way to store your wealth and solve both debt and retirement savings problems at the same time. The strategy also has a very low risk of ever having to pay back the loans, as long as you don't run into any accidents or health issues. Sally also talks about Vortex Banking

[00:01 - 07:12] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Sally to the show

  • Brief background and career

  • Ensuring your money with the infinite banking strategy

  • Treating it like a long-term savings account

[07:13 - 21:49] Using a Trust to Save on Taxes

  • The trust is a legal entity that the IRS recognizes as a taxpayer and is exempt from the capital gains tax

  • The trust owns the whole life insurance policy, which is exempt from the capital gains tax

  • This combination of the trust and whole life insurance policy creates a vortex - a taxable account that is protected from taxes

  • The trust can cover any type of business transaction, including personal expenses like food and clothing

  • The trust is a great way to reduce the worry of 1031 exchanges and other tax obligations related to your business

  • The trust can also protect your privacy by keeping your assets anonymous

[21:50 - 25:23] Closing Segment

  • Sally offers a gift of her trust and infinite banking knowledge!

  • See the links below

  • Get to know more about Sally in the Quattro Trio

  • Final words


" Infinite banking has been around for 179 years. People like Walt Disney used a loan to buy the land in Disneyland.“ - Sally Marie Gimon

"Most people, my father included, had a trust for not going through probate but we still had to pay taxes on everything." - Sally Marie Gimon

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