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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E119: Secrets to Financial Freedom from a Passive Income Guru
May 4, 2023 29 min

Episode Description

Welcome to the Real Estate Runway Podcast. In this episode, we joined Russ Morgan, founder of Wealth Without Wall Street, a community dedicated to helping individuals create passive income through various investment strategies. Russ began his professional career as an investment advisor in 2004, started IBC in 2009, and eventually went on to found Wealth Without Wall Street in 2015. Russ shares his community's mission and how they encourage members to find deals that align with their unique investor DNA. He emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals in order to shift mindset and behavior toward financial freedom. The conversation highlights a community of individuals from different backgrounds with the same goal of achieving passive income. The group has a system for turning active income into passive income, which they call their "passive income operating system." Join us as we dive deep into the world of passive income with Russ Morgan and learn how you can achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.


[00:00 - 06:50] Alternative Business and Investment Strategies with Wealth Without Wall Street

• Introducing Russ Morgan, founder of Wealth Without Wall Street.

• Wealth Without Wall Street helps people create passive income from various opportunities such as real estate, small businesses, franchises, etc.

• The company offers a community where like-minded individuals can share ideas and information on building passive income

• The community is focused specifically on building passive income and is agnostic to the type of investment

• Wealth Without Wall Street helps people understand their investor DNA and find deals that can create passive income.

[06:50 - 13:35] How this community is achieving 200% passive income and sharing their journey with others

• Community consists of people with the same goal of achieving passive income

• There have two groups: one aiming for 100% and another for 200% of passive income over monthly expenses

• How operating system helps turn active income into passive income

• Personal passive income statements shared monthly for accountability and to lead by example

• Accountability is important in investing

[13:35 - 20:49] Financial Advice is Garbage

• Financial advice is subjective and may not apply to everyone

• Fear and uncertainty exist in the current investing landscape

• Lack of access to cash is a major obstacle to financial freedom

• Passive investing requires active research and understanding of deals

[20:49 - 28:45] Russ Morgan shares his superpower and biggest failure in business

• Russ discusses his "superpower" of innovating over existing ideas

• The importance of being an innovator and executor rather than just a creator

• Russ shares his biggest failure and the lesson he learned from it

• Wealth Without Wall Street's community and resources are recommended for those interested in passive income


1. "We help people who wanna become financially free faster. We show them how to become better investors that's them understanding who they are as an investor. We help 'em build personal cash flow system." - Russ Morgan

2. "What you track and report on grows exponentially." - Russ Morgan

Connect with Russ through LinkedIn, Facebookor visit

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