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Live Uncontained: Luxury Container Homes As Turnkey Investment Properties with Ro Markevitch and Erin Hudson
June 9, 2021 23 min

Episode Description

Erin Hudson is a doctor, a mom, and a real estate investor, based in Texas. She owns several conventional and shipping container homes that she rents on Airbnb.

Ro Markevitch is a former instructional designer and now full-time commercial and single-family home investor. Ro is based in Atlanta, GA, and is currently looking for land in the area to start a new container home project.

Today we’re going to talk about a business that they’re pioneering in providing luxury shipping container homes as turnkey investment properties. A literal Airbnb in a box with a guaranteed 10% per year return! Want to know the secret? Then stay tuned!

Shipping Container Homes - [00:01 – 06:19]

  • Introduction to Ro and Erin

  • What is a shipping container home?

The advantages of owning a container home - [06:20 – 18:16]

  • Why should you buy a shipping container home from Erin and Ro

  • How much do they cost and what’s included?

  • How does owning one work?

  • Guaranteed 10% ROI per year

  • Expenses on insurance and maintenance on these container homes

  • Contact Erin and Ro so you can get rid of all the traditional headaches and expenses with your container homes

The Final Three Questions - [18:17 – 22:44]

  • What is your superpower as it relates to business or profession?

  • What is your biggest failure to date, and what did it teach you?

  • What philanthropic calls would you like us to promote?

Tweetable Quotes:

“He who solves the biggest problems gets the biggest paycheck.” - Erin Hudson

“There’s always a way. It just depends on how badly you want to figure it out.” - Erin Hudson


Want to learn more about their product? Contact Ro and Erin by visiting their website or send an email at

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