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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E88: Investing for Families: Building a Successful Multifamily Real Estate With Reed Goossens
Jan 4, 2023 36 min

Episode Description

Chad Sutton welcomes back entrepreneur and real estate investor Reid Goossens to discuss multi-family real estate investing, life with a new baby, navigating the current market conditions, and strategies for success. With his background in real estate, Reid shares his insights on striking a balance between family, business, and health. They also dive into the impact of the Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates over the past year and how these changes are affecting the multifamily space. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting in the real estate world, tune in for this valuable conversation that will help move your business forward!

In 2012, Reed quit his job in Australia and moved halfway across the globe to the US to change his life, and chase a dream. With limited funds, no investing experience, and no credit, Reed went from purchasing a small duplex to growing his real estate investment firm, SN Property Group. Reed now syndicates large multi-million dollar deals across the U.S.: he has now achieved financial freedom and taken control of his life.


[00:00 - 05:43] Opening Segment

  • Welcoming Reed back to the show

[05:44 - 12:05] Finding Balance in Life

  • Having a balance between family, business, and health is key

  • Americans are often raised to work to live rather than live to work

  • Entrepreneurs should not be afraid to take time off and test their systems and processes

  • Hire enough people and put systems processes and people in place to replace you out of the business

[12:06 - 23:46] Inflationary Pressure Causes Standstill in Multifamily Space, Fed Quadruples Interest Rates in 12 Months

  • Global inflation is causing pressure on people's pockets and the cost of living is going up

  • Central banks are trying to control inflation by raising interest rates

  • Cash Flow problems due to rising interest rates faster than business plans can be implemented

  • Midterm elections are also causing historically slow market movements

  • Increased interest rates are having pain on the single-family housing market

[23:47 - 29:27] How to Make Decisions and Find Buying Opportunities

  • Arbitrage between what is paid for a property and the interest rate

  • Cap rates will follow interest rates

  • Expectations for rent growth may be reduced

  • Focus on adding value to an asset

  • Hard money has gone out the window in competitive markets

  • Fed will have to reduce interest rates to prevent inflation

  • Recession is short-term and will pass

[29:27 - 36:00] The Quattro Trio

  • What is your superpower?

  • Perspective

  • Biggest mistake and lesson learned

  • Standing in my true value sooner

  • Links and podcast

  • See the links below

  • Philanthropic venture

  • Water conservation


“As you start getting some success and the business starts making money, do you decide to hoard those like a chipmunk to an acorn, or do you go and reinvest in good talent and the business?” - Reed Goossens

Connect with Reed Goossens through LinkedIn, or visit Check out his podcast, Investing in the U.S.

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