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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E102: Quattro Round Table - Focusing on Time Freedom
Mar 02, 2023 27min

Episode Description

In this episode, Mo and Chad discuss how to achieve financial freedom through passive income streams, real estate investments, and leveraging their 9-5 jobs. They emphasize the importance of having the right mindset, setting goals, cutting unnecessary spending, and investing in assets that generate income. Tune in to unlock the potential of financial freedom and experience life to its fullest potential.


[00:01 - 07:10] How to Leverage Your 9-5 for Maximum Results

  • Focus on mindset and achieving time freedom

  • Real estate and businesses enable the lifestyle you want

  • Turn a job into a purpose by buying income-generating assets

  • Leverage your nine to five to reach your goals

[07:11 - 14:00] How to Make the Mindset Shift and Live the Lifestyle You Want

  • Change your mindset from being a consumer to an investor

  • Pay yourself first and store your money for investing

  • Invest in assets that will pay you, like stocks or real estate

  • Stop buying unneeded stuff that forces you to work more

  • Create a 10 step process to help you invest

[14:01 - 27:13] Secure Your Time and Live Life as Intended

  • Investing is about lifestyle, philanthropy, and legacy goals

  • Generating passive income can free up time and dependence on other sources of income

  • Securing your basic needs allows you to experience life as intended

  • Entrepreneurs should think of their business the same way they think of their salary: reinvesting the fruits of labor to divorce time from income


“You can do whatever it is that makes you happy. It's about how you spend the fruits of your labor and how you invest the fruits of your labor to divorce. The time from income.“ - Chad Sutton

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