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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E100: Quattro Round Table - Emotional Intelligence and Investing
Feb 23, 2023 27 min

Episode Description

In this episode of Real Estate Runway, the hosts celebrate their 100th episode milestone by discussing the importance of emotional intelligence in real estate investing with the Quatro team - Mo, Tammy, and Chad. The team emphasizes the need for complete transparency and availability in private equity investments, and the importance of treating investors as people, not just paper. They share key advice on how to build trust and overcome challenges, including communicating regularly and realistically with investors. The Quatro team's unique backgrounds outside of finance and real estate allow them to develop a deep understanding of their clients. Join us for an insightful conversation about how emotional intelligence plays a major role in real estate investments.


[00:00 - 07:44] Opening Segment

  • The importance of treating investors as people, not just paper

  • Real estate is an awesome tool to grow equity and use cash flow to live life a certain way

  • Syndicators need to have something in common with the people they are servicing, which is why Quatro Capital's diverse background is a strength

[07:45 - 14:54] The Importance of Communication in Private Equity

  • Communication in private equity investments is crucial and requires treating people how they want to be treated

  • Complete transparency is essential for successful private equity investments

  • Limited partners should be able to easily reach out to the team members for discussions

  • Avoid relying on automated responses and focus on organic discussions with no canned replies to build strong relationships

[14:55 - 26:57] Building Trust with Investors

  • Consistent communication is crucial in the investor-syndicator relationship, particularly during challenging times

  • Real estate investments are prone to unexpected issues, so it's important to have a plan and be transparent with investors when problems arise

  • One way to build trust is by under-promising and over-delivering, but it's also important to set realistic expectations

  • Honesty and transparency are key to successful investor relations, and keeping investors informed about their investments is always a top priority


“It is not a money business, it's not a dollar business. It is human business.“ - Maurice Philogene

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