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S1E92: Quattro Round Table: The Secret to Living is Giving
Jan 26, 2023 24 min

Episode Description

Tammy, Erin, and Kim discuss the importance of giving back and how it can benefit society. The team shares their experiences with philanthropy, including their initiative Alphabet for Humanity, which teaches children values rather than just the alphabet and has a donation program to ensure children around the world can receive it. They have also planted over 75,000 trees and traveled to countries such as Nicaragua, Haiti, and Belize to serve those less fortunate. Additionally, Maurice hops in to highlight their partnership with Volumetric Building Company (VBC) to help build Veterans Village in Pennsylvania - an affordable housing complex for veterans. This episode provides insight into how people can make an impact in society, no matter how small or large!


[00:01 - 03:05] Opening Segment

  • Introducing the guests

[03:06 - 07:43] The Alphabet for Humanity

  • The secret to living is giving

  • Leesa McGregor created "A New Alphabet for Humanity" book which teaches values and mindset in addition to the alphabet

  • The donation program allows people to partner with Lisa and plant trees

  • 75,000 trees have already been planted

[07:44 - 20:33] Making an Impact: Jonathan's Path and the Ripple Effect of Giving

  • Quatro Capital was formed to help free moms from living in trash dumps and build homes

  • Team Cuatro is going to Burundi Africa with 500+ investors

  • Tammy was a teacher for 15 years and encountered a little boy named Jonathan

  • Jonathan's Path is a foundation created in memory of Jonathan to provide stability and love for teenagers removed from their homes

[20:34 - 23:40] "Discover the Power of Giving: Join the Veterans Housing Initiative

  • Flex the giving muscle and influence one and then the next

  • Team Quatro is partnering with VBC Giving Foundation to help build a Veterans Village in Pennsylvania

  • The secret to living is giving; show your heart and help improve the world


"The secret to living is giving." - Chad Sutton

"It's one thing to sit on the couch and wish it could be different, and it's another to do something whether that's financially or physically or rally a group. But to engage in life and make a difference to have a contribution in a way that is positive and helpfully encouraging. That's the stuff of life." - Kim Wendland

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