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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E117: Maximizing your giving with Bryan Chrisman and Chris Lane
Apr 27, 2023 38 min

Episode Description

Chad Sutton interviews Bryan Chrisman and Chris Lane. Bryan Chrisman is the Senior Advisor - NCF Network. Prior to joining the team at Impact Foundation, Bryan served as President of The National Christian Foundation Colorado (NCFC) and was a huge proponent for using charitable capital in donor advised funds for impact investing and helping the Impact Foundation launch. As our Senior Advisor, Bryan continues to serve families and encourage other NCF Affiliates to unleash the power of impact investing with the Givers they serve. Prior to NCF, Bryan spent 26 years launching two start-up life insurance companies. Bryan currently lives in Kitty Hawk, NC with his wife Suzanne.

Chris Lane is the Executive Director for Miami, South Florida, National Christian Foundation, where she develops an outreach plan to serve Miami with tangible expressions of Christ’s love, uniting churches and ministries behind a common cause, working as well with local leaders to meet a felt need in the community.


[00:00 - 07:22] Maximizing Your Giving: National Christian Foundation

• Introducing Chris and Bryan to the show

• The National Christian Foundation (NCF) is a non-profit organization that helps individuals maximize their giving through personalized service and expert strategies.

• NCF has been around for 40 years and has mobilized over $15 billion to over 71,000 charities.

• NCF offers a Donor Advised Fund, which is an easier alternative to starting a private foundation and allows for complex gifts.

[07:22 - 15:50] The Benefits of Donor Advised Funds vs Private Foundations for Charitable Giving

• Donor advised funds offer higher deduction limits than private foundations for cash gifts and non-cash assets

• National Christian Foundation offers a "charitable checking account" for simplified giving and management of donations

• Complex gifts, such as interest in a business or real estate, can be donated to donor advised funds for tax benefits and ongoing revenue streams for charity

• Donor advised funds handle compliance and operational tasks, eliminating the need for a private foundation team

• Donating complex gifts to a donor advised fund can create ongoing revenue streams for charity.

[15:50 - 23:31] Unlocking Tax Advantages

• National Christian Foundation (NCF) offers tax advantages for pre-tax giving

• Selling shares through NCF's donor advised fund can result in significantly more proceeds than selling independently and paying capital gains taxes

• It is advisable to contact NCF's gift planning team before selling any assets to optimize tax benefits and increase charitable giving

• How NCF's expertise and national team make pre-tax giving simple and easy

• Donors can involve their legal, CPA, and financial advisor teams in the process with unlimited questions and reassurances from NCF

[23:31 - 31:39] National Christian Foundation's Impact Fund allows donors to invest in redemptive and transformational enterprises with their charitable capital

• NCF assists donors in deploying their gifts effectively

• Donor advised funds allow for flexibility in giving

• NCF checks the status of charities to ensure the legitimacy

• NCF provides options and guidance for giving choices

• Impact fund allows for investment in businesses with social or spiritual impact

[31:39 - 38:13] National Christian Foundation offers tax-efficient solutions for efficient giving and impact investing.

• National Christian Foundation offers a tax-efficient way to donate pre-tax dollars through a donor advised fund

• They have a team to help deploy your donation and find the best place for it in the community

• NCF also offers an impact fund for equity investments in good causes

• Impact Foundation offers opportunities for impact investments using charitable capital


"It really helps Christians steward their resources well and allows givers to support causes that God places in their hearts." - Chris Lane

"Talk about building a river for charity, not just a cash infusion." - Chad Sutton

"Putting the right army and village behind you with the knowledge know-how in vehicles to really be the most efficient with your pre-tax even giving dollars, it's gonna be amazing to see what you can do with it." - Chad Sutton

"If you don't remember anything about this podcast, don't sell without first contacting the National Christian Foundation." - Bryan Chrisman

Resources Mentioned:

Book: An Uncommon Guide of Retirement by Jeff Haanen

Impact Foundation

Connect with Bryan through LinkedIn or visit Impact Foundation

Connect with Chris through LinkedIn, or visit National Christian Foundation

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