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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E27: How to get the Best Acquisition Rehabs in Single and Multifamily with Mike DeHaan
Nov 3, 2021 29 min

Episode Description

The best deals are found when you’re willing to do what no one else is willing to do. Mike DeHaan started out his career as an electrical engineer wearing a pair of golden handcuffs. Mike started researching passive income and found REI, but he knew if he wanted a real passive income, he needed to change his approach. This is when he started networking more, employed a different strategy and watched the calls start rolling in. Today, Mike has hired staff and improved his systems to be able to handle consistently doing 3-5 deals per month. As of now he owns 28 doors, and has completed 48 deals in his 3 years investing and now generates more passive rental income than he used to make with his 6 figure salary by taking on deals that others won't.

Want to learn more about Mike’s unique sales strategy? Tune in and find out how to get the best acquisition rehabs in single and small multifamily real estate.

Getting to know Mike DeHaan - [00:01 – 06:16]

  • I introduce Mike DeHaan to the show

  • Bio

  • Mike gives a bit of his background

  • Becoming an electrical engineer
    Realizing he wasn’t happy in his position
    Time for a change

How to get the Best Acquisition Rehabs in Single and Multifamily - [06:17 – 21:59]

  • Mike’s journey after ‘burning the boat’

  • The revelation that something needs to change
    The process of trying to find a passive income
    Getting into transactional real estate

  • How Mike began finding success in real estate

  • Networking with BiggerPockets
    Seeing an opportunity to scale

  • Mike’s proven investment strategy

  • The power of having leads
    Creating your brand that builds credibility
    Generating leads from marketing
    Buying at such a low discount, the purchase is the return

  • How to make money generating leads rather than lose

  • Your sales process
    Be the one that fixes people’s problems

  • The value of finding the right Mastermind

  • Shortening the time to success
    Buying into community and process

The Quattro Trio - [22:00 - 28:29]

  • What is your superpower?

  • Finding opportunities where others don’t

  • What was your biggest failure?

  • Signing a deal the day before the balloon payment was due

  • What resources do you have for listeners?

  • Links below

  • Connect with Mike!

  • Links below

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“The key to the real estate business, or any business, is having leads… The best leads are motivated sellers.” - Mike DeHaan

“We buy at such discounts that we almost make our money at the purchase rather than having to do the value add after the fact.” - Mike DeHaan

“Anyone can generate leads, and that’s awesome… but the difference between people that generate leads and waste a bunch of money and those who do so and make a bunch of money, is the sales process.” - Mike DeHaan

Resources Mentioned:

Want to connect with Mike? You can follow him on Instagram or start a conversation by emailing Check out and build up your investment business!

Check out Syndication Pro and learn how you can raise more capital in less time!

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