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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E45: Joint Ventures in Real Estate Investing with Kayla and Tyler Wilmot
March 16, 2022 27 min

Episode Description

Have you ever considered investing in a Joint Venture to start your multifamily life? Probably this can be a great option to begin your career path in this industry. Our today’s guests will share their experience getting involved in real estate through JV; they are Tyler and Kayla Wilmot, managing partners of Marlin Dynamic Investments, a multifamily real estate investment LLC based in Jacksonville FL.

Kayla is currently a practicing Physician Assistant, and Tyler is an operations manager for a general contractor who specializes in designing and building homes since 2014. Together they create a team that excels in communication and building relationships. As a team, Kayla and Tyler bring two of the vital skills to flourishing in multifamily and are striving to acquire their first multifamily asset by the end of 2021.

Let’s dive into Joint Ventures in real estate investing!

Getting to know Kayla and Tyler - [00:01 – 08:36]

  • Kayla and Tyler their background and work

  • Managing partners of Marlin Dynamic Investments
    How they signed up for a mastermind mentorship program
    Why they look at multifamily as a career and investment path
    Joining Multifamily Mindset was a huge stepping stone

Joint Ventures in Real Estate Investing [08:37 – 19:39]

  • How Kayla and Tyler jumped into a JV (Joint Venture)

  • All partners are going to be active and be part of the investment

  • What Kayla and Tyler have learned from the JV

  • Pay close attention to details while you do the financial analysis

  • Aspects that are vital to have a formidable team

  • Understand the financials portion and relationship building

  • Lessons learned from the LOI submitted so far

  • The value their investors are getting out once the LOI is accepted
    Have a property manager on board

The Quattro Trio - [19:40 - 26:33]

  • What is your superpower?

  • Kayla: Communication
    Tyler: Composure

  • What is your biggest failure?

  • Kayla: Doing too much at once
    Tyler: Self-doubt

  • Kayla and Tyler encourage you to support St. Jude Children’s

You can connect with Kayla and Tyler on Facebook! Go and check out Marlin Dynamic Investments, a company that networks and researches the market in which you invest!

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Nothing is going to move forward until you take that action.” -  Kayla Wilmot

“Something that we really value is what our investors are getting out of [LOI] because we want them to be happy.” -  Kayla and Tyler Wilmot

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