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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E67: Marketing and Sales in Real Estate Syndication with Justin Moy
Aug 10, 2022 34 mins

Episode Description

Justin Moy joins the conversation to talk about marketing and sales. Justin has years of experience in marketing and sales, which he brings to the table to help us understand how important it is to have a marketing and sales strategy even if you're just selling your property. Justin discusses the sales professional's goal to paint a picture of the future in which the prospect is successful. They want to know what will make them happy and what they can control. Prospects need certainty to make a decision, and sales professionals can provide this by articulating how their product will benefit the prospect. Justin also discusses how to be successful in selling to brokers and investors, emphasizing the importance of asking questions and being confident in your ability to deliver.

[00:01 - 07:58] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Justin to the show

  • Brief background and career

  • Realizing that everyone is in marketing and sales

[07:59 - 13:14] The Investor Relation Side

  • Finding out if the product is right for your prospect

  • Find out if they know about it, care about it, and want it

  • Ask a lot of questions rather than talking about why the deal is good

[16:19 - 22:29] The Acquisition Side

  • Certainty of closing matters more than the price

  • The importance of building relationships and understanding different personalities

[22:30 - 27:24] Employing Your Team to Execute a Value Plan

  • The importance of having clarity on the situation and what the team is meant to do

  • Looking at other properties that the team manages and see how they are advertising

  • This will help ensure that the team is taking the job seriously

[27:25 - 33:51] Closing Segment

  • Get to know more about Justin through the Quattro Trio!

  • Final words

  • See the links to connect with Justin


“Every single person in the professional world is in sales and marketing in some capacity.” - Justin Moy

Connect with Justin through LinkedIn, or visit Visit to get the free book!

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