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S1E95: Achieving Real Estate Success through Strategic Partnership with Julie Holly
Feb 07 2023 38 min

Episode Description

Julie Holly is the founder of Three Keys Investment, who helps people achieve financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing.She has extensive experience in various forms of real estate investment, including single-family homes, house-hacking, and passive investment. With nearly 300 passive doors and a general partnership in 264 units, including a ground-up development project, Julie is a seasoned professional. She also hosts "The Conscious Investor" podcast, which offers a comprehensive guide to real estate investing, with a focus on mindset, personal development, and expert insights.


[00:00 - 11:06] The Importance of Partnering with the Right People in Real Estate

  • Focus on finding partners who have similar values and will look out for your best interests

  • Consider how partners handle tough situations and whether their morals align with your own

  • Money only magnifies who a person already is, so it's important to find partners whose values align with your own

  • Building a successful relationship with partners involves understanding and knowing them well

[11:07 - 21:31] Building Trust with Limited Partners

  • Limited partners should be treated as the number one partner and their interests should always be the priority

  • Understanding the personal landscape and financial goals of limited partners is crucial for better advocacy

  • Ethical considerations, such as presenting metrics accurately and soberly, are essential for building trust

  • Building trust takes time, as people often invest in those they know and trust, rather than just the numbers

[21:32 - 30:50] Critical Lessons for Vetting a New Sponsor

  • Ask about a tough time they went through as a team to see if they are battle-tested and have a strong relationship

  • Look at money as a tool rather than something driving life and business decisions

  • Grow in a methodical, slower way to build momentum and establish a consistent and dependable reputation

  • People buy why you do something, so consistently communicating your purpose and values is critical to building relationships and making impactful introductions

[30:51 - 37:29] Closing Segment

  • God is not punishing you, he's challenging you, and these challenges help make you stronger and shape who you are

  • Julie is the host of the "Conscious Investor" podcast and is always working on exciting projects

  • Julie runs a book and networking club and a coaching community, where she has formed many partnerships and watched people's lives transform

  • Julie's philanthropic interest is centered around connection, as she believes the world is too disconnected and people are lonely


"this world is really disconnected and people really are lonely and people want to feel connected and they want community and it's not happening enough. ”- Julie Holly

Connect with Julie:


Socials: LinkedIn, Facebook

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