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Create Successful Relationships Between Owners and Property Managers with Julie Griffin
May 26, 2021 40 min

Episode Description

Julie Griffin is the President of D & K Management, a family-owned property management company based in Tennessee. She is a dedicated property management professional who strives to ensure that her investors find success while her residents find great places to live.

Listen in as we discuss what it takes to have a successful partnership between owners and property managers.

Julie’s career journey - [00:01 – 04:52]

  • Became part of their family’s real estate business

Create successful relationships between owners and property managers [04:53 – 18:43]

  • Find the right partners

  • Trust is a huge factor in the real estate industry

  • Successful communication

Problem-solving [18:44 – 23:21]

  • Creative solutions to get from point A to point B

What is your why? [23:22 – 27:00]

  • Be clear in why you are doing the things that you do

The Final Three Questions [27:01 – 40:11]

  • What is your superpower as it relates to business or profession?

  • What is your biggest failure to date, and what did it teach you?

  • What philanthropic calls would you like us to promote?

Tweetable Quotes:

“Not only do we give great service to our owners, but more importantly, we give great customer service to our tenants.” – Julie Griffin

“Do what you say you are gonna do.” – Julie Griffin

Reach out to Julie online You can send her an email at

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