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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E38: The Power of Partnerships with Jon Stark and Imani Abdullah
January 26, 2022 33 min

Episode Description

Today we have a dynamic duo that, I believe, are about to make a lot of people a whole lot of money! First, Jon Stark! Jon is an experienced commercial real estate broker, multifamily investor, husband, father, and entrepreneur. He started his commercial real estate career as an investment sales associate for Marcus & Millichap in late 2017. Learning the multifamily investing side, he ran into Imani Abdullah. Imani is a former athlete turned real estate investor who is an absolute powerhouse for breaking down deals. Both these gentlemen have partnered up to run Multifamily syndications at Stark Capital.

Jump right into this episode and learn how the power of partnerships can lead to success.

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Getting to know Jon and Imani  - [00:01 – 06:20]

  • I introduce Jon and Imani to the show

  • Bio

  • Jon shares a bit of his background

  • Born and raised in San Diego
    Started in wholesaling, moved to CRE
    Education meets execution
    Meeting and partnering with Imani

  • Imani’s background

  • Always around real estate growing up
    Investing in a mastermind to build a network
    About to go full cycle on a previous deal

The Power of Partnerships - [06:21 – 26:43]

  • The value of “rubbing shoulders” with the right people

  • Powerhouses that are doing what you want to do
    Aligned visions and focus
    How Jon and Imani partnered up

  • Real education comes from DOING, not just seeing

  • Resources will only give you about 60% of what you need

  • Imani explains his previous deal

  • 16 units at $5.8 to 6M
    The kind of deal that can only make money

  • Imani explains his and Jon’s underwriting strategy

  • Underwrite the demographic first
    Understand the area’s income
    Making things make sense from consumer to investor
    The property is just the vehicle; you need to understand the customer

  • How Jon and Imani got their second deal

  • Hunting or value where others aren’t learning

  • Final advice for building momentum

  • Know one market like the back of your hand
    Put the investor first
    Once you have ‘proof of method’ go full throttle

The Quattro Trio - [26:44 - 32:35]

  • What is your superpower?

  • Jon: Relentless - enjoying and trusting the process
    Imani: Powerhouse in underwriting - breaking down a deal

  • What is your biggest failure?

  • Jon: Not getting into real estate sooner
    Imani: No failures, only learning experiences

  • How to connect with Jon and Imani

  • Links below

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Rubbing shoulders with everyone who has the same mindset, dedication, focus, and a lot of people who are already doing it… that’s the circle of people you want to be around.” - Jon Stark

“No matter what business it is, the strength of your business is the strength of your customer.” - Imani Abdullah

“Become a master at one market. Know it like the back of your hand.” - Imani Abdullah

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Jon on Instagram (@starkcapital) or direct by cellphone on 8585252446.

You can also find Imani on Instagram (@imaniabdullah) or call 6198884314.

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