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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
123: Commercial Real Estate Strategies for Investing in Times of Uncertainty
May 18, 2023 42min

Episode Description

Jana Truman is the Managing Director and Investment Advisor with SVN, Accel Commercial Real Estate. Jana began commercial real estate appraising in 2011, appraising all types of commercial real estate across all classes in the state of Tennessee. Through the Accel Group of businesses, Jana partners with investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional wealth through advice on acquisition, disposition, and long-term strategies of commercial real estate and businesses.

Brian Truman joined Accel Group in 2016, specializing in multi-family, retail, and business brokerage sales. He understands the mindset of business and building owners. His previous national sales experience and his obsession with service have increased the team’s overall deal size and reach. He has negotiated both in the public and private sectors, with experience in selling to C-level decision makers and business owners doing deals in the hundreds of millions.

Jana and Brian also own a business brokerage called Accel Exit Advisors and are getting ready to start a property management division for SVN.

Don’t miss this conversation packed full of advice from two experienced real estate agents!


[00:00 - 07:43] Introducing Brian and Jana Truman: From Community Activism to Business Brokerage and Real Estate Investing

• Brian and Jana Truman are part of the SVN team, owning the Excel Group in Nashville.

• They have a background in community activism, zoning and codes, commercial art, and business brokerage.

• They discuss what is happening in the real estate market and if there will be a recession or correction of values.

[07:43 - 15:57] The Story of Jana and Brian Truman's Successful Journey

• Started focusing on multi-family in 2016

• Got a call from an unknown number with an LA area code to find 3 properties

• Found the properties, and the caller was good friends with Grant Cardone

• Was invited to a national conference and got mobbed by people asking questions

• Now have a full service brokerage with specialists in all segments of real estate

[15:57 - 23:47] Banks Pulling Back on Lending

• The market is seeing banks pull back on their lending, regardless of segment.

• Local lenders are only interested in investors who will occupy the building.

[23:47 - 39:38] Banks Tighten Lending Requirements as Cash Investors Take Advantage of Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

• Cash investors are taking advantage of the current market and finding opportunities.

• Loan assumptions are being used to take advantage of lower interest rates.

• Vacancy rates for retail and industrial are low, with rents still climbing.

• Banks are scrutinizing portfolio management and increasing debt service coverage ratio.

• Banks are open for lending but with higher LTV requirements.

• Banks are not keen on having assets or balance sheets full of failed loans.

• Credit unions and local banks have more money to lend out than before.

[39:38 - 42:21] Closing Segment

• Their website is

• Contact Jana at and Brian at

• They provide free education twice a month on their website


"I knew I wanted to create wealth, but I knew that I would not do that working in a dollar per hour job." - Jana Truman

"We don't list properties we sell them. It's a big difference between those two." - Brian Truman

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