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S1E32: Multifamily turned Self-Storage Investor with Hunter Jones
December 8, 2021 27 min

Episode Description

There aren’t many people that think about acquiring Self-Storage, but let me ask you, how does low maintenance, low expenses, and high NOI sound to you? It may surprise you just how lucrative this investment class is. Hunter Jones is a former Multifamily investor, turned self-storage investor focused on the East Tennessee area. Hunter started in wholesaling and Multifamily in 2018 with 2 other partners and grew a portfolio of 100 units in a short amount of time. He is now focused on Self Storage Acquisitions with his brother Harper in the East Tennessee area. Their strategy focuses on acquiring distressed, value adds assets and turning them around for a profit.

Dive in as we talk about how Hunter is able to land great deals that fly under most people’s radar, his transition into self-storage, and the benefits that come with self-storage as an asset!

Getting to know Hunter Jones - [00:01 – 03:00]

  • I introduce Hunter Jones to the show

  • Bio

  • Hunter shares a bit of his background

  • How Hunter got into real estate
    Starting in Single-Family wholesaling
    Scaling in multifamily
    Transitioned into self-storage

Multifamily turned Self-Storage Investor - [03:01 – 13:29]

  • How Hunter found multifamily assets that others didn’t see

  • Sub-institutional - circumventing large institutions by flying under their radar
    The value of buying from ‘mom and pop’ owners

  • Why Hunter shifted into Self-Storage

  • Learning about it off of Twitter
    The worry-free value of self-storage
    Currently treated as a full real estate asset
    Similar terms for financing
    No access to Fran and Freddy on the bigger units
    Large opportunities across the country
    Low maintenance and minimal management
    Low expense ratio, high NOI

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The Benefits of the Self-Storage Asset Class - [13:29 – 22:05]

  • The difference between multifamily vs. self-storage

  • Monthly lease in self-storage is the norm
    Moral and ethical differences between the two
    The difference in the economics

  • Hunter talks about the benefit of in-house management

  • Building and operating on trust
    Full control
    Hands-on educational opportunities

The Quattro Trio - [22:06 - 27:26]

  • What is your superpower?

  • Operations especially in leasing

  • What was your biggest failure?

  • Focussing on too many things at once

  • How to connect with Hunter

  • Links below

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I would argue that buying a property is the easy part… Operating these things is really the make or break, you know, executing the business plan.” - Hunter Jones

Want to connect with Hunter? You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter and LinkedIn or get a hold of him directly at

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