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S1E59: Infinite Banking and It's Use with Real Estate and Businesses with Harper Jones
Jun 22, 2022 30 mins

Episode Description

Harper Jones discusses the infinite banking concept - a wealth strategy that allows you to take control of your flow of money and invest in real estate and other businesses. In addition to talking about the infinite banking concept, Harper discusses how his experience as a real estate investor has helped him grow his portfolio, and how he uses systems operations, a team, and capital to his advantage. Banking is an important part of our lives, and it's something that we can control. Our goal is to start our bank so that we can have more control over our money and our investments. By using a life insurance policy as our collateral, we can get the benefits of having a bank without the need for capital or a long timeline.

[00:00 - 05:09] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Harper to the show

  • Real estate background

  • The concept of infinite banking

[05:09 - 13:59] Coaching through the Infinite Banking Concept

  • Banking can be done by owning a bank or using a policy to borrow against the cash value

  • Owning a bank is more beneficial because the interest and dividends are tax-free

  • The Infinite Banking strategy pairs banking with another asset, such as real estate or a business

  • Creates an infinite loop of liquidity and growth

[13:59 - 23:49] Building Up A System: Becoming Your Own Banker

  • The best vehicle for whole life insurance is a dividend-paying contract

  • Term costs for this strategy can get very expensive later in life when the policy pays out

  • Gaining control of the flow of money by implementing the system where capital is waiting for you

[23:50 - 30:12] Closing Segment


"You set up your own bank and then you stop looking at it as an investment. You look at it as a way to store cash that is gonna pay you substantial interest compared to your brick-and-mortar bank. And then you control the lending terms." - Harper Jones

"So of course, real estate's a business where you buy other cash flowing businesses and you can make some good money but the money keeps flowing in all those different avenues and vehicles. And it's like, how much of that process do you control?" - Harper Jones

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