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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
121: Fast-Track Your Financial Freedom with Dustin Serviss
May 11, 2023 29min

Episode Description

This episode of the Real Estate Runway Podcast features Dustin Serviss, a Canadian Wealth Manager. Dustin has been providing insurance, investment, succession planning, and business advisory services for more than 15 years. Using a 'Dashboard Process', Dustin is able to assess a client’s financial needs, provide actionable recommendations and measure their progress. When not helping lawyers with their insurance and investment needs, Dustin spends time enjoying the bucket list item he’s already achieved being a dad. He dives into his unique perspective on real estate investment strategies, lifestyle design, and how to achieve life goals financially. This episode emphasizes the importance of having clarity on your goals and adjusting your spending habits in order to achieve those goals. It suggests that assets like single family homes or stock portfolios can be a great way to start building financial freedom.


[00:00 - 05:44] Maximize Wealth and Amplify Life

• Dustin Serviss is a special guest on the show, discussing his unique perspective on how close to living out your dreams really are and how to numerically get there using something he calls the spending accelerator

• He has 18-19 years of experience managing wealth for high net worth families in Canada

[05:45 - 11:28] Unpacking the Theory Behind Financial Freedom

• It takes looking at risk and being okay with the outcome if it doesn't work out

• Financial freedom does not mean being the wealthiest or richest person in the room

• Realizing your dream may not require achieving the world

• Figure out what your bear ass minimum expenses are to exist

• Print 3 months of visa statements and bank statements to get an understanding of where money is going

[11:29 - 17:00] Building Financial Freedom from the Ground Up

• Buffer budget is key to starting building backward and building assets.

• It is relative to the expectation of what one needs.

• Having clarity on goals is important to adjust spending.

• Foundation is key to building momentum and replicating success.

[17:00 - 22:34] Invest in Your Skills and Knowledge

• Investing in skills is a better investment than buying a duplex

• The 'Spending Accelerator' is a framework for managing money

• Automating the process helps to ensure that all responsible buckets are checked off

• Reducing expenses can help free up money for other things

[22:35 - 29:36] Dustin Shares His Philanthropic Heart

• Dustin's superpower is his ability to not get distracted by noise and remains focused

• Dustin's podcast, The Picture of Wealth, interviews successful people who live life a bit differently

• Dustin has a philanthropic heart and is involved in the Top 20 Under 40 and Top 20 Over 40 programs in British Columbia

• These programs help promote success in smaller communities that don't have the same platforms as larger cities


"If you want to be successful in life, you gotta work hard. I didn't know how hard, so I just worked really effing hard and just went for it." - Dustin Serviss

"Once someone has a foundation, it's a lot easier to build and replicate and duplicate and build up from a base. It's quite hard to mobilize and get the momentum if you're all trying to do something bigger than you should be, and it seems daunting." - Dustin Serviss

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