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Infinite Banking: Leveraging Life Insurance Policies as an Asset with David Zapata
August 4, 2021 30 min

Episode Description

When you think of ‘life insurance’ I want you to think in these terms: Personal Banking High Yield Account. In this episode we’re welcoming David Zapata back to the show to help us get into the meat of IBC. As a refresher, David, since discovering the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), has been committed to sharing the value of controlling the financing function for individuals, families, and business owners. Through IBC, David has been able to finance hobbies, recapture non-productive debt, and build his investment portfolio. Like we said last time, those who are open to thinking creatively and are eager to take ownership of their financial futures are the ones who will thrive on IBC.

Let’s get into it and really break down how infinite banking is done and how we can leverage life insurance policies to take control of our own finances.

David Zapata Recaps the 3 Pillars of Infinite Banking - [00:01 – 07:59]

  • I welcome David Zapata back to the show
    Links below

  • Listen to episode 10

  • David quickly recaps what we learned from his last visit

  • The 3 pillars - mindset, process, platform
    Introducing the concept of leveraging Life Insurance policies

Leveraging Life Insurance Policies - [08:00 – 27:46]

  • A new way to think of life insurance

  • A vehicle to cost control

  • How to look at this strategy in terms of investing

  • Financing things more effectively
    Perform multiple jobs with your money

  • Your options as a real estate investor

  • Credit vs. finance requisitions
    Your capital should have cost

  • The benefits of leveraging policies

  • Eliminating the 30% tax
    Collect the interest as a boost to the policy performance
    Creditor protection
    Control and ownership of your finances

  • Double your equity or leverage liquidity?

  • David’s advice

Final Questions - [27:47 - 29:59]

  • How to reach out to David

  • Links below

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Whatever you do, regardless of how efficient, productive, profitable your business deals are, you're always playing in a financial system, and you cannot be inside a vacuum.” - David Zapata

“This product; this process acts as a foundation for any investment in terms of allowing you to finance things more effectively.” - David Zapata

“We want to drive in the mind of investors that your capital has a cost associated… When you use it, you should account for the fact that your investment should replace not only the profitability of the deal but also the cost of the capital.” - David Zapata


Want to connect with David? You can email directly or find him on Twitter. Also, check out to start taking control of your own money.

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