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Infinite Banking: A Paradigm Shift for Real Estate Investors
with David Zapata
June 30, 2021 33 min

Episode Description

If you as an investor are not leveraging IBC, you may be doing yourself a big disservice. This is a process you’re going to want to learn! David Zapata was born and raised in Colombia, South America. He has lived in the United States since 2006 and has spent the last ten years as an engineer working in corporate America. Since discovering the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), David has been committed to sharing the value of controlling the financing function for individuals, families, and business owners. The concept was coined as "Infinite" because it supports the realization of unique lifestyles through financial freedom and control. Through IBC, David has been able to finance hobbies, recapture non-productive debt, and build his investment portfolio. Those who are open to thinking creatively and are eager to take ownership of their financial futures are the ones who succeed.

IBC is for everyone willing to educate themselves about it, so let’s dive and learn more about How Infinite Banking is Shifting the Paradigm for Real Estate Investors,

Getting to know David Zapata- [00:01 – 04:05]

  • I introduce David Zapata

  • Bio

  • How David grows and develops on all levels

  • Finding a tool that has changed the game

  • Infinite Banking
    How Infinite banking can fit the life of the Real Estate agent

The 3 Pillars of the IBC Paradigm Shift - [04:06 – 27:11]

  • David explains IBC

  • The 3 pillars

  • The Mindset shift of financing

  • Everything you buy - you are financing
    The example of ‘credit’
    What your are losing in interest you could be gaining

  • The Process - a solution

  • Start thinking of your capital as a means of growth

  • The Product/Platform - how to implement

  • Connecting IBC and Real Estate
    Implementing through life insurance
    How to become your the owner of your financing

Final Questions- [27:12 - 32:50]

  • Build infrastructure that is a flowing river, not an emptying silo

  • How to reach out to David

  • Links below

  • What is your superpower?

  • Curiosity and building strategies for people’s needs

  • What is your biggest failure?

  • From the loser’s seat to ownership

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I think that when we go back to the mindset, the number one objective in most of these conversations for me is to help people think.” - David Zapata

“The idea is that when you pay cash, yes, in the short term, you are financing things with the capital you accumulated, but the cost of the cash is associated with the fact that you could have yourself earn interest with that capital.” - David Zapata

“Open your mind, consider that perhaps there's an alternative that is more powerful, more efficient, better suited for yourself.” - David Zapata


Want to connect with David? You can email directly or find him on Twitter. Also, check out to start taking control of your own money.

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