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How to Make Millions Without Losing Your Time Freedom 'The Big Kahuna' with Corey Peterson
September 15, 2021 37 min

Episode Description

Imagine making millions but losing time with your family in the process. There’s a better way and we’re going to learn about it in this episode as well as a unique way to structure deals, and what better way to learn than from someone who’s excelled in it themselves! Corey Peterson, ‘The Big Kahuna’, is the owner of Kahuna Investments. Corey has managed and acquired over $95 million in real estate across the country. He is the bestselling author of “Copy Your Way To Success – Standing on the shoulders of Giants” and host of the Multi-Family Legacy Podcast.  He speaks around the country on this subject to some of the biggest names, including at Harvard and Nasdaq.

You don’t have to choose between time and money. Dive into the episode and learn from Corey how to make millions without losing your time freedom.

Living by a Different Set of Rules - [00:01 – 05:41]

  • I welcome Corey Peterson

  • Bio

  • Corey gives some background on his venture into real estate

  • Seeing the benefits of ownership
    Living life through differently through real estate
    Naming the company
    The wonder of making private money

How to Make Millions Without Losing Your Time Freedom - [05:42 – 17:25]

  • Corey shares the roadblock he hit in his early career

  • How doing too many things affected his family
    Realizing something needed to change

  • Transitioning into multifamily

  • Corey’s first deal

  • Bought at $3.2 million
    Raised $1.4 million in private money
    Maid $4.7 million in profit

  • The importance of scheduling your time

  • Prioritizing the most important things in life

  • How to enable yourself to get time freedom

  • Acquisition fees and asset management
    Every deal should have at least a 2% asset management fee
    Don’t try to ‘sprint’ forever

You’ve Been Doing Deals Wrong - [17:26 – 27:53]

  • Corey shares about how he structures deals

  • You’re giving up way too much of their money
    Finding the right investors with consistent income
    50/50 or 60/40 on depreciation

  • How this benefits you as the investor

  • A true 12% return
    More money = better return

  • Chase smart money

  • The wisdom of hiring a financial advisor

Final Questions - [27:54 - 37:13]

  • A gift for the audience

  • Information below

  • What is your biggest failure?

  • Not knowing the operating agreement on the first deal
    Know thy partnerships!

  • How are you making the world a better place?

  • Be a supplier of fun

  • What is your superpower?

  • Putting all the pieces of a deal together

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Kids don’t even care about how much money you make, they don’t care two sh*ts about it. The only currency they care about is time, the time currency matters to them.” - Corey Peterson

“Either you sprint or you learn to marathon… You cannot sprint forever.” - Corey Peterson

“I think that what we need to do every day is willing to fail and take the steps into the unknown as we start our journey… But if you copy others you get there with a lot fewer scrapes on your knees.” - Corey Peterson

Resources Mentioned:

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If you want a free copy of Corey’s life-changing book, Copy Your Way to Success, text the word ‘Book’ to 480-500-1127.

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