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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E99: Uncovering the Value of Raw Land Development with Cody Bjugan
Feb 21, 2023 40 min

Episode Description

Cody Bjugan is a seasoned real estate developer who helps others achieve success in the industry. Through Allied Development and VestRight, he teaches people to become land acquisition specialists and sell for 6-7 figure profits without risking capital. Cody's mission is to share his knowledge and inspire others to create a lasting legacy in real estate.


[00:00 - 07:32] Opening Segment

  • Cody Buin founded Allied Development and Vest Wright

  • Lost 90% of his 8 figure net worth in 2008, but rebuilt it all

  • Specializes in raw land development and entitlement approval process

  • Purpose is to pivot family legacy and make an impact through Vest Wright

[07:33 - 14:36] Strategies for Success in a Down Market

  • Building strong relationships with five people can positively impact your future

  • Diversifying real estate investments across multiple states helped survive the Great Recession

  • Personal development, mentorship, and coaching are essential for success

  • In a down market, pick up talented people and fill the pipeline for deals as wealth can be generated

[14:37 - 21:41] Maximizing Human Capital in Land Development

  • Hiring decisions are being made now as the labor market loosens

  • Land developers control the deal by controlling the dirt

  • Raw land must have specific features to be developable

  • Value-add in land development comes from taking raw land through approval process and selling to developers

[21:42 - 28:49] Maximizing Human Capital in Land Development

  • Vest Wite's approach involves locating off-market real estate deals and selling them at a profit

  • As the asset moves from raw land to a cash-flowing productive asset, the risk increases

  • The optimal strategy is to focus on off-market prospecting and getting developments approved without taking on debt or owning the land

  • On average, real estate values increase by $3 for every dollar of productive asset value increase, leading to life-changing success stories for Vest Wite clients

[28:50 - 39:38] Closing Segment

  • Cody Bjugan is a specialist in entitlements and raw land development.

  • He teaches off-market prospecting, identifying development potential and getting deals approved.

  • Cody's superpower is being visionary and creative. He has learned the value of personal growth and not comparing oneself to others.

  • Learned to not compare oneself to others and live in the gain, not the gap

Connect with Cody:


Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Download Cody’s free ebook, “7-Figure Raw Land Paydays Playbook”.

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“You're only in competition or in comparison with yourself. Live in the gain and not the gap.“ - Cody Bjugan

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