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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E106: The Importance of Proper Leadership and Finding the Right People with Chris Larsen
Mar 16, 2023 34min

Episode Description

Chad Sutton interviews Chris Larsen, the founder and principal of Next Level Income. With over 20 years of experience in real estate, business, and finance, Chris has become a leader in helping people become financially independent and educating the next generation on doing so. Chris shares his journey to becoming an investor, discussing cash-flowing assets such as car washes, private equity investments, medical implants, value add strategies, and more. He talks about the importance of having the right team in place with proper motivation, his passion for financial literacy and philanthropic ventures, his experiences with partnerships and failures that have led to better outcomes, and more!


[00:00 - 06:52] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Chris to the show

  • Chris Larsen is the founder and principal of Next Level Income

  • Chris made a pact to live with no regrets after his best friend passed away

  • He believes money is a potential for creating solutions, such as better opportunities for travel, family, giving back, and creating experiences

[06:53 - 13:26] Don't Underestimate the Power of Private Property

  • People need to hear things seven times before it becomes common knowledge

  • Real estate is the oldest form of investment, predating the stock market and slave trade

  • People who were taking food from the community garden were also taking food from other people's gardens

[13:27 - 19:57] Exploring the Benefits of Cash Flowing Businesses and Car Washes

  • Chris started investing in real estate before he had a career

  • Real estate is a business with monthly recurring revenue

  • Private equity is looking for businesses with predictable, monthly recurring revenue

[19:58 - 26:36] How to Build a Successful Team and Increase Revenue

  • Why value add strategies for car washes include having great equipment, operators, upgraded blowers, microfiber towels, LEDs inside, and new vacuums

  • Increasing memberships and sales by offering discounts or free months can improve revenue

  • Building a team requires proper motivation, leaders who understand the business, consultants, and an engineer to understand machinery and chemicals

[26:37 - 33:03] Closing Segment

  • Why his philanthropic ventures are focused on financial literacy and helping the next generation

  • Connect with Chris through the links below


"Everybody that's listening has the power to, to make a difference.” - Chris Larsen

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