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S1E24: Crash Course in the Art of Negotiation with Brandon Voss
October 13, 2021 34 min

Episode Description

When you’re in a high-stakes negotiation, the last thing you usually think about is having empathy for the other person and putting your own objectives aside, but this episode may just change your approach. Brandon Voss is the President of The Black Swan Group. What sets them apart is that the Black Swan team is able to assist their clients in negotiations while customizing their approach based on their unique needs, situation, and corporate culture. As a thought leader with extensive sales experience, Brandon holds respect to the three negotiator types: the Analyst, the Assertive, and the Accommodator. He has made it his mission to teach clients how to identify each of these three types of negotiators and has developed a methodology for dealing with all of them in the most successful way possible.

Dive right into this episode and let’s learn a bit more about this methodology and the art of negotiation.

Getting to know Brandon Voss - [00:01 – 04:50]

  • I introduce Brandon VossBio

  • Brandon shares his backgroundRaised in New Jersey

    Becoming the president of The Black Swan Group

  • The values and stance of The Black Swan GroupTactical empathy

    Putting your own agendas aside

Crash Course in the Art of Negotiation - [04:51 – 27:43]

  • Why emotional intelligence matters in a negotiationEmotion is the basis of all human behavior

    It can’t be ignored if you want to gain influence

  • How to get started in shifting your negotiation approachStart with ‘Labels’ and ‘Mirrors’

    Listen to what isn’t being said
    Label the other person’s challenge
    How to employ a good mirrorIt seems like… It sounds like…

  • Addressing the negatives in the roomThe word ‘Why’: A cause for natural defensiveness

    Addressing negatives make them go away
    People are naturally closed-minded

  • Calibrated vs. open-endedOpen: When, where, who

    Calibrated: What and how
    What tackles challenges
    How tackles implementation

  • Getting the other person to the ‘That’s Right Moment’Describing their world to them

    The chemical process that happens in the brain

  • How to get more resources from Black Swan GroupLinks below

  • Why is it called The Black Swan Group?The unknown, unknowns

    Getting to the hidden facts

Final Questions- [27:44 - 34:18]

  • What is your superpower?Ability to see and identify team cohesion

  • What was your biggest failure?Poor communication over a problematic contract

  • How Lee is impacting the world
    PennDMVWorking with underprivileged youth

    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  • Connect with Lee!Links below

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“In short, tactical empathy is the calibrated application of emotional intelligence to negotiation.” - Brandon Voss

“There's always an emotional context that needs to be addressed. The fact that it is the foundation of decision making, when we ignore it, we've missed a critical step to gaining true influence with another individual.” - Brandon Voss

Resources Mentioned:

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