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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E28: Creative Financing for all Types of Deals with Bill Ham
Nov 10, 2021 37 min

Episode Description

Every problem is unique, and to solve it, it takes an approach that is just as unique. Bill Ham, master of creative solutions, is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the driving force behind Broadwell Property Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate with a proven track record of identifying, acquiring, operating, and divesting large footprint Multifamily Housing. Bill educates others by taking his skills as a Real Estate Entrepreneur and sharing them through speaking, and his latest book, Creative Cash. As a Real Estate Entrepreneur, a sought-after speaker, an author, and an operator Bill’s real passion lies in education. He has been a coach and mentor to the future titans of Multifamily and counseled hundreds of students who have gone on to close countless millions of dollars in their own deals, many crediting Bill with their success.

Dive into the episode with us and learn more about creative financing for whatever real estate asset class you identify with.

Getting to know Bill Ham - [00:01 – 05:44]

  • I introduce Bill Ham to the show

  • Bill gives a bit of his background
    Started out as a pilot
    Seeing friends make more money in one deal
    Jumping into the education process of Real Estate
    Bill’s first deal - seller financing

Creative Financing for all Types of Deals - [05:45 – 28:13]

  • Bill gives an intro to creative financing
    It can apply to any financial asset
    Using an offer to create value for a seller
    What problem can you solve?
    Anything legal and ethical is within the bounds

  • Bill runs us through examples of creative financing for multifamily

  • Connecting with problematic situations
    You don’t find them - just look at deals
    Look at why the deal doesn’t work
    Deal analysis not deal flow

  • The skills you need to execute a creative financing situation
    “The S.P.Y. Technique”
    Seller, Property, You
    Know the seller and their goals
    Analyze the property and what you can solve
    Answer whether or not it’s worth it for you
    Evaluation not renovation

  • Creating an effective operation
    Make deals rather than find them
    Buy on your proforma not the realtor’s

  • The nuts and bolts of a seller finance deal
    Think of it like a bank
    Down pay 10 to 20% depending on the property
    Interest rate is negotiable
    Refinance or sell - ‘The seasoning period’

The Quattro Trio - [28:14 - 36:39]

  • What resources do you have for listeners?
    More about Bill’s book Creative Cash
    Link below

  • Connect with Bill!
    Links below

  • What is your superpower?
    Tolerance for failure - understanding the art of failure
    Practice is not insanity

  • What was your biggest failure?
    Too arrogant about reputation and ability

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Creative financing, in a broad spectrum, is using an offer to create value for a seller - that’s the short answer.” - Bill Ham

“There is a myriad of reasons why someone would do this kind of financing - it has many options for us to create value… It’s all about solving somebody’s problem, creating an offer that translates that message in getting that deal done.” - Bill Ham

“Creative financing is not a one-stop solution. It is meant to create probability, not a possibility, probability.” - Bill Ham

Resources Mentioned:

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