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S1E66: Leveraging Tax Strategies for Alternative Businesses with Bernard Reisz
Aug 3, 2022 30 mins

Episode Description

Bernard Reisz from ReSure Real Estate Financial & Tax Solutions joins the show to discuss alternative business and investment strategies to help amplify life and maximize wealth. As the chief educational officer, he will talk about tax planning strategy holistically, not just letting one little strategy drive the deals you're doing. Bernard discusses how tax planning strategies are a network of interconnected concepts that impact every investor differently, and how getting lost in the weeds can prevent you from seeing different personalities and enjoying what you love. However, he stresses that everything is driven by financial outcomes, and if someone wants to make objective financial decisions without the pressure of the tax system, they should look at long-term returns, not just short-term tax savings. If you want to be educated on all the different tax strategies available to you, then this episode is for you!

[00:01 - 04:27] Opening Segment

  • Welcoming Bernard to the show

  • Tax strategies for alternative businesses

  • It’s more like a matrix than a rabbit hole

[04:28 - 21:06] Honing On Tax Strategies

  • Viewing strategies holistically

  • Everything is driven by financial outcomes

  • Saving taxes is more on the returns

  • Taking the power of leverage into a 10-31 exchange

  • 10-31 exchange is not a tax strategy - it's a real estate financing tool

  • Understanding the high-level particulars of a situation

  • Looking at the bigger picture and seeing how they come together

[21:07 - 29:43] Closing Segment

  • Get to know more about Bernard with the Quattro Trio!

  • See the links below to connect with Bernard

  • Final words


“Cause everybody is different. Everybody has got their profiles, their own goals…that’s what it is about. It’s about networking it, rather than viewing it as distinct silos.” - Bernard Reisz

“Take the broad picture. See the trees, see the forest, and then see how they come together. It’s not siloed, and everything is unique.” - Bernard Reisz

Connect with Bernard through LinkedIn and Facebook, or visit Get more resources on tax strategies by visiting

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