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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E72: Multifamily Investors Who Dominate with Beau Beery
Sept 14, 2022 34 mins

Episode Description

Beau Beery has been in the commercial real estate business in Florida since 1999. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Master of Science degree in Real Estate from the University of Florida. He also holds the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation.

In this episode, Beau discusses the many cycles in the real estate market and shares some insights on how buyers and sellers should approach deals in this current market. He also discusses how interest rates, regulations, and the economy are impacting the real estate market. He also touches on some common strategies that buyers and sellers can use to make sure that their deals fall through less often.

[00:01 - 08:31] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Beau to the show

  • Brief background and career

  • How buyers and sellers are not communicating well, leading to overpriced deals

  • How using lower cap rates in proformas ensures an exit at a good price

  • The importance of being cognizant of the current interest rate environment

[08:32 - 28:57] Multifamily Investors Who Dominate

  • Beau talks about his book, “Multifamily Investors Who Dominate”

  • Networking with brokers is the #1 source of deals
    The power of word of mouth and its implication for reputation

  • Tips on getting the reputation to get into the shortlist

  • Closing with reputation is the #1 goal

  • Beau talks about the limit that which prices can trade at

  • Deals often do not sell at the asking price

  • The importance of leaving with a good reputation

  • Being personable when communicating with sellers and buyers

[28:58 - 34:19] Closing Segment

  • Get to know more about Beau in the Quattro Trio!

  • See the links below to connect with Beau


“Closing with reputation is the number one goal.” - Beau Beery

“Just because you and everyone that you see on LinkedIn is using exit cap rates higher than the interest rates, doesn’t mean they’re winning deals.” - Beau Beery

Connect with Beau through LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or by visiting Also check out his book, “The Multifamily Investors Who Dominate”.

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