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How Water Conservation will Save You Millions on Deals with Anselmo Torres III and Kelly Stinson
August 25, 2021 31 min

Episode Description

Imagine the proceeds you could be giving or getting if you were saving thousands and even millions on something as simple as water consumption! Two for one special today folks; we have Anselmo Torres III and Kelly Stinson from SAS Conserve. Anselmo created a software program called LeakAware that helps multifamily properties monitor their water consumption & detect high consumption/leaks. He’s walked over 300 properties across 30,000+ units performing audits & collecting data.

Kelly (The Potty Princess), is passionate about water & energy conservation and the influence we have to improve the environment. In 2019 alone she saved multifamily property owners over $2 MILLION on their water/sewer bills coupled with reducing water consumption by just over 200 million gallons!

Let’s dive right in (no pun intended) and learn how water conservation can save your deals.

The Water Warriors on Servicing Multifamily Clients - [00:01 – 05:09]

  • I welcome Kelly Stinson and Anselmo Torres III

  • Bio

  • Kelly and Anselmo talk about their work at SAS

  • Kelly’s place in the company
    Anselmo’s background on water conservation

How Water Conservation will Save You Millions on Deals - [05:10 – 24:59]

  • Kelly shares her take on what water conservation is

  • Your water and sewer expenses on consumption
    There’s money you can be saving

  • Proactive methods SAS does to mitigate water usage

  • Removing the silent killer behind toilets
    Getting into the numbers

  • A rundown of the average amount of water getting flushed down a day

  • Education and analysis

  • Break down of the process
    See your savings on your very next bill

  • Anselmo and Kelly on data analytics in this space

  • Monitoring consumption in real-time

  • Break down of the hardware and how it’s monitored

  • Cost-effective solution for value add

Final Questions - [25:00 - 30:34]

  • Final thoughts on water conservation

  • Imagine the proceeds you’ll be able to give to investors

  • How to connect with Kelly and Anselmo

  • Links below

  • What is your superpower

  • Kelly - The toilet whisperer

  • What is your biggest failure?

  • Assuming people know what water conservation means

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“We’ve seen toilets that will easily leak out 100 gallons a day.” - Kelly Stinson

“That’s really how I got involved in this industry was monitoring water consumption and being able to provide that data to owners so instead of being reactive to when that bill came, they can be proactive.” - Anselmo Torres III

Resources Mentioned:

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