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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E34: Impact Investing: Invest with a Higher Purpose with Anna Kelley
December 29, 2021 29 min

Episode Description

Anna Kelley is living proof that when you invest with people in mind the ROI is much higher and it benefits everyone involved. Anna has ownership in and asset manages over 1250 multifamily units across the US, valued at $165M, and has invested in over 2000 doors. Anna runs a multifamily syndication company, Greater Purpose Capital, LLC, focused on creating meaningful impact in the lives of her investors and on the communities in which she and her partners invest. She is a 4X Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, real estate coach, and sought-after speaker for multifamily events across the country. In the last 20 years, she has purchased, renovated, and rented millions of dollars in real estate across numerous asset classes.

Get engaged and dive into this incredible episode with Anna to learn the value of impact investing and how to invest with a higher purpose.

Getting to know Anna Kelley - [00:01 – 06:01]

  • I introduce Anna Kelley to the show

  • Anna shares a bit of her background
    Anna’s humble beginnings in section 8 housing
    Escaping poverty by buying into the “corporate dream”
    Anna’s shift and start into real estate (multifamily)
    Creating financial freedom through investing
    Anna’s venture into scaling her investments

Impact Investing: Invest with a Higher Purpose - [06:02 – 18:01]

  • “It takes 25 years to make an overnight success”

  • Anna talks about how to get through an economic downturn
    Example of her strategy in 2007
    Realizing that investment properties were the strongest assets
    Become a student of the economy
    Mitigate: Getting liquid early on before a downturn hits

  • Impact investing and how it increases ROI and NOI
    Investing from a place of compassion
    Empowering those with less to learn how to create more
    When tenants know you care it creates opportunities

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How to Actively Impact Communities and Investors - [18:02 – 23:13]

  • Ways that Anna exudes goodness and juices higher ROI
    Investors get creative when they want something
    You don’t need 100’s of units to impact the community
    Example through Anna’s Irving, Texas investment
    Asking investors to help the community

The Quattro Trio - [23:14 - 29:13]

  • What is your superpower?
    Putting impact first and profits after
    When people are first the profits come

  • What is your biggest failure?
    2009, going into massive debt to start a business
    Thinking she was smarter than the wisest among her

  • How to get a free, signed copy of Anna’s book
    Info and links below

  • How Anna is giving back to the world
    Supporting missionaries around the world
    Hope for Youth

  • How to connect with Anna
    Links below

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“When you are good to people, what you find is that everything else works out. They remember and the tenants are more committed to you because they know you care.” - Anna Kelley

“When you put everything in its proper order, people over profits, the profits come and everything falls in place.” - Anna Kelley

Resources Mentioned:

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