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S1E107: Uncovering the Power of Public Adjusters for Maximum Insurance Payouts with Andy Gurczak
May 21, 2021 25 min

Episode Description

Andy Gurczak is the founder of AllCity Adjusting, a licensed public adjusting firm. His journey began in the construction industry, and he discovered his true calling in public adjusting thanks to Herb Johnson, the first African American public adjuster in Illinois. With a family motto of “do it right or don’t do it all,” Andy's unique team structure allows his firm to move claims quickly and efficiently, always resulting in maximum settlements for clients. Over the last decade, he's protected thousands of people and helped them receive more money than what their insurance initially offered.


[00:01 - 06:30] Uncovering the Power of Public Adjusters

  • Public adjusters can help maximize payment and take stress out of the process

  • Insurance companies make money when claims are underpaid

  • Public adjusters are licensed by the state to represent the insured on their own claim

  • They provide a service that is necessary for loss of collateral or asset too expensive to repair

[06:30 - 12:50] Maximizing Your Insurance Claim Settlement

  • Public Adjusters help maximize settlements for the insureds

  • Public adjusters investigate claims and provide value by showing lifetime relationships

  • Steps include filing a claim, inspecting the loss, scoping the entire loss, presenting it to the insurance company, mitigating further damage

  • Public adjusters can help uncover additional damages that may have been missed in the initial estimate

[12:50 - 25:13] Tips for Real Estate Investors on How to Prepare for a Loss

  • Have a public adjuster on your team to help with insurance claims

  • Get everything in writing when talking to your insurance agent

  • Reserve money for deductibles and don't jeopardize coverage

  • Be aware of what's going on at your properties and document repairs/maintenance

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“Make sure you have coverage for every instant and, and get it in writing when you're talking to your agent. Because if an agent told you you had coverage and then you're not covered for it, they do have an err and emission policy. So make sure you get everything in writing about what you're actually getting and what you're not getting.“ - Andy Gurczak

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