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S1E76: Sustainability and Profitability through Coffee with Adam Jason
Oct 12,2022 25 min

Episode Description

Adam Jason is a Partner of Legacy Group, an alternative asset manager that targets profitable investment opportunities with high social and environmental impact in Latin America. Before joining Legacy Group, Adam worked for two international law firms, Jones Day and Vinson & Elkins, where he advised leading Fortune 500 companies and investment banks in the areas of corporate finance, corporate governance, securities regulation, and international business transactions, and represented them in public and private debt and equity offerings exceeding an aggregate of $10 billion.


[00:00 - 07:02] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Adam to the show

  • Adam Jason is the founder of Legacy Group and Alternative Asset Manager,
    Currently focusing on the coffee industry in Columbia

  • Helping US-based investors access opportunities in Columbia that they wouldn't be able to find elsewhere

  • The coffee industry in Columbia and understanding the opportunities that are available there

[07:03 - 20:25] Coffee Production in Colombia

  • Consolidating current coffee farms for better infrastructure in production

  • Why choose farmland as an alternative investment?

  • The positive socio-economical and environmental impacts

  • From being an attorney to owning a coffee farm

[20:26 - 25:01] Closing Segment

  • Get to know more about Adam in the QuattroTrio!

  • See the links below to connect with Adam


“There's definitely no foreign investment in this industry. Let's focus on that consolidation. Let's focus on bringing together a more and more sophisticated infrastructure that allows for better processing and better quality.” - Adam Jason

Connect with Adam through LinkedIn, Facebook, or visit and

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