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Quattro Capital Merger Press Release

What happens when talents converge and passions align?

Merger Magic.

Back in 2019, Erin Hudson organized a meeting with Maurice Philogene, Chad Sutton and Kim Wendland to discuss a multifamily acquisition. Over time we discovered that we all performed better as a team. Ultimately, we closed five more acquisitions in the first year. It didn’t take long for our style of team to become known and begin to grow. After a handful of conversations, Tammy Sutton joined the partnership and new alliance partnerships began to solidify. As  our team grew into a high performance team, the next step was natural -- we needed to merge: Quattro Capital was born. ​


Quattro Capital  is a merger between Legacy Builders 7, JMP Holdings and NextGen Real Capital effective September 1, 2020.

Quattro Capital is an investment firm focused on residential multifamily real estate such as apartment complexes, mobile home parks and the like that yield strong returns for our investors. Investing in real estate purposefully is the tool that helps more people achieve wealth and the freedom to live life well.

Our high-performance team is seasoned and accomplished with a combination of 20 years in real estate and over 95 years of professional experience in over 9 industries spanning the top Global Fortune 50, public service in education, state health, military and police, as well as medical and entrepreneurship.

The Quattro Capital investment criteria is designed to both reduce risk and achieve strong returns. Our market analysis spans the nation to find the specific cities and neighborhoods with the most profitable real estate investment prospects. We then target properties that are well maintained but cosmetically in need and under performing. These value add properties located in emerging and stable markets are value add investments that yield reliable returns throughout the life of the investment as well as added tax benefits.


We have a strict "no slum lord policy" because we believe that people deserve a quality, safe place to live. We consider the people living in our apartments with high regard and serve them with respect, kindness and humility. We also take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and consider investor's trust an honor which must be cared for with attention, diligence and priority.

Quattro Capital invests in real estate The Quattro Way by leveraging our four core pillars of People, Property, Profit and Philanthropy which amplify wealth and amplify life.

Learn more about Quattro Capital at

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