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Christy Keeton

Engineer Technician


Real Estate Investor

Quattro Capital Alliance Partner

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Christy was an engineer technician for more than 15 years in the oil and gas industry. Her expertise was used to analyze multi-million dollar acquisitions, annual budgets, and create processes to increase company performance. 


In 2012, Christy’s desire to invest in real estate drove her to open Keeton Realty Investments. Over the years her focus has been single-family house flips. In 2019, she turned her focus to multi-family real estate. She took all she had and put it into the education needed to invest in apartments and mobile home parks. 


She chose real estate investing to have financial freedom. Her desire is to use resources available to rescue children from human trafficking and help single parents to be financially free and build a legacy for the children.


Through her education program (RE Mentor) she found the Quattro team. The Quattro team has proven experience in the multi-family arena. The  heart of Quattro is what attracted Christy to accept an offer to be an alliance partner in July 2020. The team goes above and beyond industry standard to get a deal done and take care of every person involved. She is very honored to be an alliance partner with the Quattro team. 

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