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S1E49: How to Accelerate Your Path to Financial Freedom and Abundance with Clay Hepler

Apr 13, 2022 32 min

S1E50: Holistic Entrepreneurship: 4 Steps to Financial Freedom with Dave Wolcott

Apr 20, 2022 27 min

S1E51: How to Overcome Fear and Have a Winning Mindset with Tammy Sutton

Apr 27, 2022 37 min

S1E48: 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Panama with Evie Brooks

April 6, 2022 29 min

S1E67: Marketing and Sales in Real Estate Syndication with Justin Moy

Aug 10, 2022 34 mins

S1E68: Leveraging Crowdfunding in Real Estate with Levi Brackman

Aug 17, 2022 24 mins

S1E69: How Building Relationships Serve as an Intersection In Real Estate with Jeffrey, Kenneth, and Kerwin Donis

Aug 24, 2022 35 mins

S1E66: Leveraging Tax Strategies for Alternative Businesses with Bernard Reisz

Aug 3, 2022 30 mins

S1E70: The Wise Investor with Rich Fettke

Aug 31 2022 25 mins

Mindset Mastery: A No-Nonsense Guide to Greatness with Eric Yusko

August 11, 2021 29 min

How to Make Your Money Work for You with Vasu Kakarlapudi, MD

August 18, 2021 24 min

How Water Conservation will Save You Millions on Deals with Anselmo Torres III and Kelly Stinson

August 25, 2021 31 min

Infinite Banking: Leveraging Life Insurance Policies as an Asset with David Zapata

August 4, 2021 30 min

S1E85: The Infinite Money Alliance Program with Asa E. Patterson

Dec 14 2022 25 min

S1E86: Changing Lives through Real Estate Investing with Jeff Davis

Dec 21, 2022 21 min

S1E87: The Supply and Demand of Currency: What Affects the Market? with Amy Sylvis

Dec 28, 2022 37 min

S1E84: How to Prosper During a Recession with Logan Freeman

Dec 7, 2022 30 min

S1E31: Tapping into Emerging Real Estate Markets with David Lindahl

December 1, 2021 25 min

Becoming a Successful Multifamily Syndicator at 25 with Alessandra Thompson

December 15, 2021 22 min

S1E34: Impact Investing: Invest with a Higher Purpose with Anna Kelley

December 29, 2021 29 min

S1E32: Multifamily turned Self-Storage Investor with Hunter Jones

December 8, 2021 27 min

S1E93: Building a Safe House: How to Protect Your Property Before, During and After a Storm with Mark Deddens

Feb 01, 2023 31 min

S1E94: Quattro Round Table - Earth Wind and Fire

Feb 02, 2023 34 min

S1E95: Achieving Real Estate Success through Strategic Partnership with Julie Holly

Feb 07 2023 38 min

S1E96: Quattro Round Table - Being Resourceful to Close

Feb 09, 2023 25 min

S1E97: Insights on Real Estate, Inflation, and Investment Opportunities in 2023 with Jeff Davis

Feb 14, 2023 28 min

S1E98: Chad Soapbox - The Art of the Deal vs. The Art of the Debt

Feb 16, 2023 23 min

S1E99: Uncovering the Value of Raw Land Development with Cody Bjugan

Feb 21, 2023 40 min

S1E100: Quattro Round Table - Emotional Intelligence and Investing

Feb 23, 2023 27 min

S1E101: Building Wealth Through Homeownership Using Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies

Feb 28, 2023 25min

S1E41: Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Professional with Dan Lewkowicz

February 16, 2022 20 min

S1E39: Educating investors to make the right decision with Sarah Sullivan

February 2, 2022 30 min

S1E42: How to Become the Best Version of Yourself with Rupam Khanna

February 23, 2022 24 min

S1E40: US Multifamily Rental Value with Ava Benesocky & August Biniaz

February 9, 2022 24 min

S1E89: Real Estate Investment Strategies with Ian Djuric

Jan 11, 2023 31 min

S1E90: Building an Exceptional Property Management Business with Logan Rankin

Jan 18, 2023 41 min

S1E91: Quattro Round Table: The Current State of the Real Estate Market

Jan 24, 2023 30 min

S1E92: Quattro Round Table: The Secret to Living is Giving

Jan 26, 2023 24 min

S1E88: Investing for Families: Building a Successful Multifamily Real Estate With Reed Goossens

Jan 4, 2023 36 min

S1E36: Asset Management Done Right with Mike Taravella

January 12, 2022 28min

S1E37: The SaaS Investing Playbook with Akeel Jabber

January 19, 2022 23 min

S1E38: The Power of Partnerships with Jon Stark and Imani Abdullah

January 26, 2022 33 min

S1E35: Making Insurance Smart, Simple, and Secure with Jeremy Goodrich

January 5, 2022 33 min

S1E62: How to Gain the Strategic Edge and Better Influence in Your Network with Jake Havron

July 13, 2022 38 mins

Impact Real Estate: Make an Impact with Your Income with Evan Holladay

July 14, 2021 29 min

S1E63: Building a Financially Secure Future through Infinite Banking with Sally Marie Gimon

July 20, 2022 25 mins

Why You Need A Syndication Attorney with Mauricio Rauld

July 21, 2021 30 min

S1E64: Chad's Soapbox: Story Telling to Lenders

July 22, 2022 10 mins

S1E65: Why Your Business Needs a Podcast with Kevin Mills

July 27, 2022 34 mins

The Law of the First Deal and the Power of Partnerships with Lee M. Fjord

July 28, 2021 24 min

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