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Quattro Capital Alliance Partners

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Brandon Thornberry


Donna and Brian Blackburn

Brian & Donna

Stacy Buck

Stacy Buck


Ryan Buck

Business Lunch

Alliance Partners

Quattro Capital operates from an abundance mindset. As a result, we are fair minded about our approach and equity shares whether we are Sponsoring, Assisting or Aligning. Before we begin, we will collaborate to determine the splits for the deal. Only after everyone is comfortable will we sign an agreement and begin. Until then, you can trust that your deal is safe. We do not compete against you or sabotage your success. We want you to love working with us so much that your first deal is just that: our first of many deals together.

It's always best to know each other and sort out whether or not we might be a great fit long before you need us. So, go ahead and reach out. We would be happy to get to know you and let you know how we work. That way you can have a plan in place when you're ready.

Business Meeting


Quattro Capital is well established with direct agency lenders as well as alternative lending options. We can help you establish yourself with lenders and others to help you close your first deal or add to your capital stack on a larger deal. 

Water Supply Contractor


Sometimes you just need a little guidance to be sure you're on the right path. Quattro Capital is happy to come alongside you with as much or as little help as you need. We care about your success and are happy to help you win.

Working Together


After we've worked together for a while, we may find we share common values and have a similar vision. If our business goals align and we work well together, we can formally align as partners where you will benefit from being part of a high performance team.

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