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Real Estate Runway - Chad Sutton - Insta
S1E105: Unleashing the Power of Sales and Marketing with Jason Wright
Mar 14 2023 29min

Episode Description

Jason Wright is a skilled speaker, author, entrepreneur, consultant, and digital marketing expert who is passionate about assisting real estate investors and entrepreneurs with their sales funnels. He has a talent for establishing connections with people and communicating in a way that resonates with them. With his positive outlook and sense of humor, Jason can design efficient marketing automation systems that generate successful outcomes.


[00:01 - 07:15] Building Sales and Marketing Funnels for Real Estate Investors

  • Importance of sales and marketing funnels for creating offers

  • Intentionally Inspirational's value proposition for building sales and marketing funnels

  • Jason's journey from motivational speaker to digital marketer

  • Where to find Team Quatro Capital

[07:16 - 13:42] Building Relationships for Maximum Results

  • Importance of touchpoints and trust for building relationships

  • Design is less important than good offers and speaking to the target audience

  • Using lead magnets and video lead magnets

  • Focusing on the journey and working backwards to design a funnel

[13:43 - 20:17] Reaching Your Goals with Marketing Automation

  • Using Active Campaign for marketing automation

  • The difference between marketing funnels and sales pipelines

  • The importance of regular campaigns and touchpoints

  • Paying attention to how people interact with content

[20:18 – 28:30] The Power of Two-Way Text for Real Estate Investors\\

  • Two-way text as a powerful tool for real estate investors

  • The benefits of taking action, even at a C minus level

  • Jason's superpower in connecting with people

  • Lessons learned from failure and his book "Backwards Route to Forward Success

Connect with Jorge:


Social Media: LinkedIn


It's better to be doing something even at a C minus level than be doing nothing. - Jason Wright

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