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Dr. Erin Hudson

Chiropractor, Business Owner

Licensed Financial Professional

Real Estate Investor


Super Power: Awe-inspiring Grit

"Issue me a challenge and I'll thrive!"

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My path into real estate started with my business coach demanding I stop doing the $10-hour jobs in my wellness center and stick to being the doctor that treats patients. That was when I learned to delegate like nobody’s business. What was even better, was the new schedule allowed me to dive into the real estate space where I was genuinely intrigued.

Over the next two years my husband, Drew, and I acquired 26 rental properties. Mid way through our portfolio expansion, we created a turnkey company with Hudson Investments. We were able to help friends and family purchase investment properties though they never in their wildest dreams thought it could be possible. Within three years we had transacted over 230 acquisitions and dispositions just in our warm market.

It was during that time where my negotiation skills blossomed. Did we pay cash for each of the 26 rental properties in our portfolio? Heck NO! Our business plan was to buy 4 at about $40k a piece, sell 3, and keep one for free. Then repeat. During that time, we also became the bank for a couple of investors, took part in lease options, and purchased an AirBnB in the wine country. We were most certainly getting a taste of mailbox money! 


On our journey through the real estate world, we stumbled upon multifamily investing. We thought you had to be rich to be qualified to own apartments -- that was so far from the truth.

Being raised with little financial literacy, I became addicted to learning more about finances and what the wealthy were doing. We began transitioning to multifamily and letting our investors come along with us for the ride if they wanted. And we are still on the ride today.

As one knows there are many ways to skin a cat and I had found 2 that got me fired up. The first is building one’s empire through real estate and the second is becoming your own family bank. This was a perfect way to help empower people and put their future in their own hands. In 2008, I became a licensed insurance professional committed to helping others reach financial freedom.

Reality is that not every individual is in the position to invest $50,000 into the multifamily space. With a simple subtle mental pivot, suddenly there's a way they can get into multifamily real estate sooner than later. So, just by sharing concepts and strategies, people become equipped with more financial literacy. This is my way to give back to my community and help them take charge of their own financial freedom. In just 4 months I was blessed to add 34 other insurance professionals to my team, equip them with the skills to help others, as well as increase their odds of success. My happiness truly comes from helping others win.

I am a proud mom to five beautiful children and a wife to one incredibly handsome husband. My love is being with the family in the outdoors, snowboarding, wake surfing, exploring nature, traveling the world and giving back to the less fortunate. I have run 16 full marathons around the world. Put a challenge in front of me and that is where I thrive.


As a family, we have traveled to Belize, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Israel building orphanages, taking water to villages, feeding the poor and loving on the less fortunate. Because of these experiences, my children will never be the same. Showing our children not only to be good but to do good has left a lasting impression on their hearts. This, my friend, is what life is all about.

I don’t let the grass grow under my feet. I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit that gets me up every morning. I have a zest for life and a passion to leave a mark in this wild world. I grew up with incredibly loving parents and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Although, it bothered me at a very young age that my parents were living paycheck to paycheck. Our conversations didn’t consist of investing, owning real estate, duplicating your seed money, traveling the world, creating freedom, and we certainly didn’t discuss goals and visions we had for our lives. You get the gist. Please don’t interpret it as shame on my parents -- they are precious and provided the best they could with what they were taught from their parents. Now as a parent, I am on a mission to change the trajectory of my family’s life by living and teaching my children financial literacy, living our lives by design, being incredibly intentional, growing generational wealth and leaving a massive legacy.


Our team at Quattro Capital wants to see you, too, live your best life, exceed your financial goals and live out your wildest dreams.

Professional Life


I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor and was thrilled by the idea of being my own boss and having freedom. I even have two uncles who were chiropractors. Being an athlete most of my life, I’ve always been intrigued by the power of our body’s ability to heal from the inside out. But above all, I have a love for people and it was a way for me to help others. In 2009, I opened our first wellness center and business was a success. Within 12 months, we opened our second office. What a pleasure to work alongside 30 team members. It was in our offices that I learned the power of duplication. Training up three doctors was the best thing I ever did. In 2017, the opportunity flourished for our family to move to Texas and for me to be able to work on the business and no longer in the business. In March of 2020, I sold the last practice so that I could focus my efforts in the place where my passion lives.


It is so rewarding to have a profound effect on not only my family but other families around the world. Knowing our team is all about living "The Quattro Way,” we are bound to leave a mark while building up strong communities, creating financial freedom for our investors, and serving the world in a beautiful way.

Real Estate Summary

  • Managing Partner for 104-unit value-add multifamily in Houston, TX purchased in May 2019

  • Managing Partner for 30-unit commercial retain in Tallahassee, FL purchased in August 2019

  • Managing Partner for 35-unit value-add multifamily in Knoxville purchased in January 2020

  • Managing Partner for 36-unit value-add multifamily in Atlanta purchased in March 2020

  • Managing Partner for 67-unit value-add multifamily portfolio in Knoxville purchased in July 2020

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